Italian Sonnet

Could we talk? Explore the world through my eyes?

Meeting — the divide between us could heal;

Clarity strikes, moments of truth concealed,

Hiding our secrets — I’d like not to lie.

Underneath the layers, more words contrived,

‘Till I’m unsure what’s real, only that truth cries.

I can’t hate you, my guilt itself revealed,


by Amanda Eifert

I wish between us all words said were real.

To move on when life used to mean — to hide.

Gold leaf of paper, are letters sent blessed,

Back and forth notes, develop us, obsessed.

Into each other we were grafted fast,

Keep holding on we’ll survive through harsh –

Times, sins we should’ve skipped, now such a farce;

Still in our hands, we hold each other’s hearts.





      Amanda is a writer, blogger, and sometimes student from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. She began blogging four-years ago to improve her writing skills and share her thoughts on several topics including, her experience with mental illness.
She has applied for an online MFA in creative writing at UBC. Only twenty-five percent of students make it in this online program and Amanda is hoping to be one of these students in September 2017.

The copyrights on the article belong to the author. The responsibility for the opinions expressed in the article belongs exclusively to the author.

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6 thoughts on “Despite

  1. Hey! Great to find this as I just had my first attempt at writing a sonnet, but so-called English or Shakespearean not Italian. It was prompted by the theme set in our writers’ club, ‘reflection’ but also by the situation in Romania. You’ll find it, with five other responses I made to the theme, on my most recent post on my blog.


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