Nature beauties

Wisteria always amazes me.  … The wisteria garden Flowers handing from the shelves People must walk heads down a beautiful haiku written for me by my dear Grandpa, AshiAkira. … See more beautiful photos here: To look and marvel!


Tulips, tulips, tulips

  The Spring offers us A beautiful symphony Of colored tulips Tulips! When they bloom She jumps out and dance with them For the joy of spring This is my Grandpa AshiAkira’s beautiful response for this photo and haiku. See more beautiful photos here: Cismigiu Park – Tulips


Ce-i frumos, dispare :( – What’s beautiful, disappears :(

Written by Monica … JUMP TO ENGLISH VERSION Anul trecut vă prezentam Simfonia Lalelelor din Parcul Herăstrău. O splendoare în iarbă. O frumusețe ce-ți lua respirația. O bucurie pentru suflet. Anul acesta nu vă mai prezint nimic. Pentru că nu mai există. Pentru că pe nimeni nu mai interesează nimic. Pentru că în goana lor după…


Sea of dandelions

Seeds like parachutes A sea of dandelions Ready for launching  . Wherever they go Dandelions fly with hope Spring wind destiny by AshiAkira, the master of Haiku and my Grandpa from Japan ❤   If you want to see more beautiful dandelions photos, check here, A sea of dandelions!  . More beautiful dandelion posts and photos…



Spring tells us goodbye Her scent will be remembered So long, beautiful! — Today is the last day of Spring in Romania. Tomorrow, the Summer will be in its rights 🙂

Tulip symphony

Nature paints flowers In colors of the rainbow Tulips symphony . Every Spring in Herastrau Park, in Bucharest, we enjoy the tulips symphony. So much purity in such beautiful flowers. It’s a spectacle you have to see. So, please enjoy!    Capture the beauty Nature bestowed on pure heart Who has eyes to see another…

mopana-Sakura- festival-04

Sakura, the show of Nature

This post is dedicated to my dear grandpa from Japan, AshiAkira Cherry trees are bloomed Beauty and colors for eyes Enjoy Sakura! Yesterday was a special day. I went with my father in Herastrau Park, the biggest park in Bucharest, to see the Sakura Festival. It’s something apart. Those cherry blossoms are so amazing. They…

Flowers fragrance

I love spring as much as I love winter. I love when nature is reborn. I love the green. I love the flowers scent in the air. I love the warmth of the sun. I love the chirping of the birds and the buzz of bees. For all of that, I dedicate this haiku to…


The magic of nature

Flowers like cups  Stalk as a tower Beautiful and so very black Tulips, the magic of nature  And below is the response of my dear friend AshiAkira Because you can see Deserved beauty of flowers So you are as seen . More photos here: The magic of nature  

Sky is crying crystal dew

A sunny morning Sky is crying crystal dew Flowers are smiling .  and this is the beautiful response from my dear friend, AshiAkira The dews shine for you From the flowers nowhere else Are the smiles to match

Happy Easter!

For those who celebrate The Easter today I wish them to be happy, healthy, lucky and loved. ❤ ❤ ❤ And of course: Happy Easter! P.S. – I do not celebrate The Easter today. My Easter will be on May 1st.

White spring

Wherever you look There is white on every tree White flowers of spring .  White means readiness To turn to any color For increased beauty  Another masterpiece by my friend AshiAkira.

Pink spring

Pink flowers around Gorgeous way to see the world Beautiful pink spring  . and this is AshiAkira‘s response to my haiku  Spring to those with heart To others meaningless change For nature is life Thank you Ashi ❤ Another beautiful response from 2ndhalfolife. Many thanks ❤️ Natures time of birth When sprouts and shoots come bursting Green…