Be fit!


by Monica

Hey! Hi guys!

I heard that you want to be in shape. To be fit. And, finally, to be healthy. When I started blogging I found a very nice blog about fitness. A blog about how to have a healthy and active life spending not too much time. I have to recognize, at that time I was practicing Volleyball, Boxing and Taekwondo. But, the exercises I saw on that blog were very similar to what I used (and I still use) to maintain my shape. Other things I appreciated on that blog were the playlists and the recipes. Because of all that, I read more and, normally, I became a good friend with the blog owner, David. He’s a very dedicated person and he loves what he does. That’s why I recommend him everytime I can.


If you… don’t have too much time for yourself, but you care about your physique without being a fitness addict,

If you… would prefer to train at home,

If you… want a trainer who would listen to you, understand your needs and goals and give you the necessary tools to achieve your goals without drastically changing your life,


David is your choice

What does he offer?

Evernote account: The tool that allows us to be organized, work efficiently and flexible.

Initial test: To get to know you better, he’ll ask you about your sports history, eating habits and lifestyle.

Exclusive Notebooks: Exercise library, recipes, fitness articles, playlists, and more resources.

Custom training plan: Adapted to your goals, schedule, equipment, and fitness level.

Custom meal plan: Based on what you like to eat, maximize your results fitting your macros (protein, carbs, and fats).

Daily coaching chat sessions: To answer questions and provide support, advice, and motivation.

Weekly check-ins: Checking your results and progress, we´ll make the necessary adjustments at the right time.

Make your goal a reality: Serious planning and new habits will help you achieve your goal.

So, he offers you everything you need. And I must say, I saw a lot of people thanking him for what he has done for them.

There are three available plans: 1 months, 3 months and 6 months:

Anyone of them includes the first week free so you can know him better, and decide if you are a good match without worrying about the money.

You can read more here.


41 thoughts on “Be fit!

    • Hey! Hi, dear Rob 🙂
      I am very fine, thanks. And I hope you’re well, too. I am learning hard for exams. In 2 weeks I’ll have the first 3 exams and I hope I’ll be prepared. Have a great Sunday, dear old friend.
      Mo-hugs and kisses ❤ ❤ ❤

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  1. Glad to see you back but this is not ‘my thing’ at all. I look forward to your more usual posts when you get back to ‘normal’. Good luck with the exams – I’m sure all will be fine. A hug from me (a R hug, a D hug or a GT hug? – why not all three? 😜❤️xxx

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  2. Reblogged this on The Jaguar and commented:

    Hello everyone, this post represents a considerable departure from my usual content. But I can explain!

    David (aka Chape) is one of my oldest friends on WordPress. He was one of the first bloggers who followed me, and I have always enjoyed reading his posts. He publishes a lot of fascinating information about the human body, with a particular emphasis on how to stay fit.

    In addition, David is one of the nicest people I have ever met. When I told him that I have long-term knee pain from martial arts practice, he sent me a list of exercises I can do to strengthen my knees. For free.

    Monica, another one of my best friends on WordPress, has just written a little blurb about David’s blog and personal training services. Please check it out!

    David did not ask me to write this piece for him; I merely saw Monica’s post and wanted to help out my friend. So please, check out David’s blog!

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    Happy to see you here. I have been clearing out my emails and I just found the email you sent me.
    Thank you so much. You are a sweetheart.

    I hope you are well and looking forward to reading more of your posts.

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  4. Bonjour ou Bonsoir MON AMIE MOPANA

    A ceux qui sont joyeux, je dis bonjour et bonne semaine

    continuez de vous réjouir, la vie est faite pour cela

    A ceux qui sont tristes, je dis bonjour et souriez, la vie est belle

    Le dimanche est fait pour voir la vie en rose

    se dire que la vie est un recommencement

    que tout recommence, que tout revient

    A ceux qui traversent des épreuves , je dis bonjour, tenez bon,

    espérez en des jours meilleurs

    espérez toujours, gardez le cap

    Courage, soyez fort

    Gros bisous.


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    Te souhaiter une excellente journée ou soirée

    Avec du soleil au cœur


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  7. Still keeping fit? 🙂
    How is Life treating you in this last – important – year of high school?
    What have you decided for University?
    How’s your father’s job situation?
    Hope all is well.

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  8. Bonjour ou Bonsoir mon Ami, Amie
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    Bisous Bernard


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    Dans le bonheur et tendresse
    gros bisous, BERNARD


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