Most beautiful rainy day

  … Read also: The wrong side of ugly … Rainy day Rainy day Rainy day, girl, Where have I been? Ain’t this the most Beautiful rainy day Ever That you’ve seen… … Rainy day Rainy day Rainy day, just Dunno where I’ve been Ain’t you the most Beautiful rainy day Ever That I’ve seen……

De la finit la infinit – From finite to infinite

  JUMP TO ENGLISH VERSION … Citește și: O viață am, vreau s-o trăiesc …  De la finit la infinit … Din timp în timp,
 Vremea schimbă câte-un anotimp.
 La mine anotimpul iubirii a venit,
 Şi inima mi-a pironit. … 

Cu Eros eu mă joc acum,
 Şi n-aş vrea să mă lase-n drum.
 E-atât de…

The wrong side of ugly

  … Read also: Crazy too … Won’t be just tears you’re gonna cry More of a river drowning your eyes And gone will be all chances to love me You might be the most beautiful Your heart’s on the wrong side of ugly … You seem like heaven on the outside I was tempted…

O viaţă am, vreau s-o trăiesc – I have only one life

  JUMP TO ENGLISH VERSION … Citește și: Așa cadou mai rar  …  O viață am, vreau s-o trăiesc … O viaţă am, vreau s-o trăiesc.
 Alături de cine iubesc.
 E oare chiar atât de rău
 Să o trăiesc cum o vreau eu? … Nu cer nici soarele, nici luna.
 Nu vreau nici dintre stele vreuna!

Crazy too

  … Read also: I’ve got a smile … After all our ups and downs The load of trouble we been through Still she believed in us And I was crazy too … Whatever we were heading for She didn’t know what else to do But to believe in love And I was crazy too…

Aşa cadou mai rar – A rare gift

  JUMP TO ENGLISH VERSION … Citește și: De când te iubesc  …  Așa cadou mai rar … Domnul te-a creat,
 În cale mi te-a scos. 
În grijă mi te-a dat, 
Îi mulţumesc frumos. … Aşa cadou mai rar,
 În viaţă să primeşti,
 Când zâna din poveşti
 Ţi-e dată s-o iubeşti!

 … ❤ Written by Victor Pană…

I’ve got a smile

  … Read also: The Bus to Peru … I may be a dreamer Old-fashioned Romantic I may be a cynic I might be boring as hell But I’ve got a smile! … I worship old Willie I dig Steve McQueen I might be the sorriest Most contradictory Or even luckiest bastard There ever has…

De când te iubesc – Since I have loved you

  JUMP TO ENGLISH VERSION … Citește și: Eu te iubesc …  De când te iubesc … De când te iubesc,
 Zilnic inima-mi tresaltă,
 Şi-al dragostei tren
 Nicicând nu face haltă.

 … De aceea nu vreau
 Nici eu să mă opresc,
 Şi nu voi înceta vreodată
 Să-ţi spun cât te iubesc.

 … Şi totuşi, te…

The Bus to Peru

  … Read also: Heavy Girl … Sometimes I hate the things I do My life, my job and woman, too I want a beer and holiday Time out to chill my life away When I dream of the place to go My mind takes the bus to Peru … I could gripe about the…

TIMES HAVE CHANGED (And, Baby, You changed ’em)

  … Read also: Lazy … There was a time when I would have done everything for you I would have crawled to the horizon to be close to you But it just ain’t there no more – the times have changed And, Baby, you changed ’em! … There was a time when I just trusted…

Nu vreau decât iubire!

 – I only want love!

  JUMP TO ENGLISH VERSION … Citește și: Afrodita mea …  Nu vreau decât iubire! … Nu vreau decât iubire, 
Tu, dulce amăgire. 
Tu, dulce-al meu păcat,
 Tu, înger delicat.

 … Doar viaţă vreau să-ţi dau, 
 Nimic nu vreau să iau,
 Vreau doar să te iubesc,
 Aşa vreau să trăiesc. … ❤ Written by Victor Pană…

Eu te iubesc – I just love you

  JUMP TO ENGLISH VERSION … Citește și: Nu vreau decât iubire! …  Eu te iubesc … Eu te iubesc,
 Şi tu o ştii.
 Eu te iubesc,
 Şi-aștept să vii.

 Eu te iubesc,
 Şi inima ţi-o dau.
 Eu te iubesc,
 Şi-n schimb pe-a ta o vreau. 

Eu te iubesc,
 Şi-n viaţa mea te vreau. 

Heavy Girl (Tell Me Something I Don’t Know)

  … Read also: Lazy … Oh, baby, don’t nobody say I didn’t have all the chances And didn’t even try or wouldn’t go Now, baby, she’s a heavy girl She’s a-keeping worlds busy – Tell me something I don’t know… … Don’t nobody say I didn’t have all the chances Didn’t try to win and…

Afrodita mea – My Aphrodite

  JUMP TO ENGLISH VERSION … Citește și: Nu mai pot să tac …  Afrodita mea … Din briza mării te-am cules, de printre scoici tu m-ai ales, şi viaţa-mi în bine s-a schimbat de când în ea tu Afrodită ai intrat. … ❤ Written by Victor Pană … Cărțile mele   ENGLISH VERSION … Read also:…


  … Read also: Life Is Hell … They say “Live and let live.” And I guess they are right So I just stay in bed And have one beautiful time … Just lying there – not moving an inch Maybe having a beer and thinking some things You may say “You can’t do that. Man,…

The Band Plays On (Life Is Hell)

  … Read also: Tonight I feel like writing a song … Your life is hell There ain’t no way to tell The coffee could be stronger You can’t stand your job no longer You work your fingers to the bone For a house that’s not a home … Life tears you apart It turns you…

Nu mai pot să tac – I can’t shut up anymore

  JUMP TO ENGLISH VERSION … Citește și: Când noaptea vine …  Nu mai pot să tac … Nu mai pot să tac,
 Te iubesc cu foc.
 Nu mai ştiu ce fac, 
Inima-mi stă-n loc.

 … Te vreau mereu,
 Aşa sunt eu.
 Şi nu regret, 
 Te iubesc, îţi repet. … Eşti viaţa mea
 Şi cu…

Tonight I feel like writing a song

  … Read also: Saying I love you … Tonight I feel like writing a song But the words don’t come easy – what’s going wrong I can’t even come up with the very first line Why’n’t anybody just throw me a rhyme … I want to put words of love in my song Just to…

Saying I love you

  … Read also: Die any younger … There has never been anything Sweeter than this one good love When just giving all of your heart Simply seems to be enough And dreams you’ve been dreaming Finally become real And saying I love you Don’t even come close To the way that you feel ……

Die any younger

  … I fancied that girl Thought she was a beauty Tho nothing but a crazy cat When I asked for lightning She’d gimme thunder Hell, at least I could not have died any younger … I never felt that before And it was not a dream Tho we used to smoke some crazy pot…

A lot of things

  … She was the sweetest girl I’ve ever met Thought her love was the finest that I ever had But she turned out to be like any other Tho it took quite a while for me to discover … We used to be lovers We used to be friends We used to be partners…

Just a good friend

  … She’s been a close friend for many of years It was late when she showed up – her face wrapped in tears I took her in my arms – kissed her teardrops away And when her eyes met mine I heard her say … Won’t you come be more than just a good…

Comfort’s a Stranger Away

  … It’s been a dream come true The best we’ve known Both me and you We’ve been flying high And we’ve been ugly The way it is Loving somebody Don’t wanna face the new born day And comfort’s a stranger away … If I was missing you? Somehow I reckon I still do We…

Keep the change!

  … Based loosely on hallucinations It feels like raining in my head Did you tell me that you love me – Not as often nor the way You could have Had… … Are you sure this isn’t funny? Next thing you know You could not care Less… … Written by Maik Herrmann   If…


A rose with thorns

Written by Monica … JUMP TO ENGLISH VERSION Cine nu îndrăznește să înțeleagă spinii, nu ar trebui să își dorească trandafirul. Anne Brontë … Aceasta este expoziția mea. Voi… sunteți criticii. Eu… creatorul.  … Thorns are the soldiers Beauty must be protected Love among petals …   … … ENGLISH VERSION … But he who dares…

The Songwriter’s curse

  … I’m out here on stage With my back to the wall Figuring what life’s supposed to be like at all Of course I do know What you all feel You see yourselves When you see me But I’m just a victim of my own words Reckon that’s the songwriter’s curse … The songwriter’s…

That don’t deserve the name

  … Well, I suppose somehow we’ve got to face the writing on the wall For a long long time it’s gonna be only bad things we’ll recall Ain’t nothing left of us that will remain Just a love that don’t deserve the name… … I don’t know when and how and where we’ve actually…

She’s the reason

  … She may not be the reason That started my writing But she is the reason I’m getting better She is the reason that I’ll get good … That girl was a lightning That I tried to tame I sure didn’t make it – it ain’t no tragedy But it sure is a shame…


You’re my anchor

Written by Monica … JUMP TO ENGLISH VERSION În ziua în care puterea iubirii va fi mai mare decât iubirea de putere, lumea va cunoaște pacea. Mahatma Gandhi … Aceasta este expoziția mea. Voi… sunteți criticii. Eu… creatorul.  … You are my anchor You make me stronger and good The power of love …   ……

What are you afraid of?

  … So what are you afraid of? That mine might be the most tender touch? That you might fall in love with me and such? That the odds are we get happy? Just tell me What are you afraid of? … What are you afraid of? That mine’s the shoulder you’d be longing for?…


  … See that strong young road warrior He had a way of getting things on Once bound for glory – now he’s losing his touch And a woman was all that it took It feels like I’m gut-shot But I’m in much better shape than it looks … See that wounded road warrior His…



… Italian Sonnet … Could we talk? Explore the world through my eyes? Meeting — the divide between us could heal; Clarity strikes, moments of truth concealed, Hiding our secrets — I’d like not to lie. Underneath the layers, more words contrived, ‘Till I’m unsure what’s real, only that truth cries. I can’t hate you,…

Make believe it’s nothing

  … You say you still gotta lotta life to live And of course that’s more than I can give That’s about as far as you can see Convinced that you’re too good for me … But girl you’re only running for your life With no-one there to hear your helpless cry Except me ‘n…