I know I will regret this

Yesterday it rained

I know I will regret this

The snow is melting

Yesterday it rained all day and the snow began to melt. No miracle take more than three days, is not it? But at least I had snow and I could do some great pictures. I hope you will enjoy them 🙂 This photos were taken in the Romanian Opera’s park in Bucharest.


No time for regret

See ahead for new beauty

With faith in your heart


A new beautiful Haiku from my friend AshiAkira. Thank you Ashi. I am happy for what I had and I will look ahead for new beauty like you said 🙂

62 thoughts on “I know I will regret this

  1. We had snow here 3 times this year..not heavy snowfalls but snow anyway. I don’t like snow. Our snow melts fast. For the last previous years we had no snow at all. I don’t like snow although your pics are pretty and that is how close I want to get to snow is in pictures. Be well.

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  2. Bonsoir
    Mon premier passage sur ton blog
    Vois-tu il y a des jours sur un simple sourire
    On peux rendre la vie plus belle
    Si le mien de sourire peux te faire cet effet
    Alors je reviendrais encore tant faire
    C’est une envie de te faire plaisir et t’offrir du bonheur
    Je t’envoie une grosse envolée de bisous d’amitié
    Bonne et agréable soirée Bernard


  3. wow, those pictures are magnificent, delightful sight!! 🙂 Love the third picture, I can just imagine myself in that hut in warm cozy blanket and coffee with a fave Jane Austen book sitting for hours. ツ

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  4. What i like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce…you captured them and now they gone…new have come!

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