A fairy tale

Walking in the dark A fountain like a rainbow Waiting for fairies More beautiful pictures here: Waiting for fairies


Who wants to live a yellow life? :)

Many say yellow represents richness Because, they say, it’s the color of gold But it doesn’t have to represent gold’s richness Yellow is rich and richness for itself a poem by my wonderful Grandpa, AshiAkira . Post by @lookaround_99. More pictures here: A yellow life  

My Kingdom for a… Bridge

I love the snow and I love to take pictures with snow. You also know I love to walk in my beautiful Bucharest. Every time I find something to photograph. You’ve already seen photos from Romanian National Opera’s Park. These are my favorites. You have also a little movie at the end 🙂 Enjoy! ❤…

I know I will regret this

Yesterday it rained I know I will regret this The snow is melting Yesterday it rained all day and the snow began to melt. No miracle take more than three days, is not it? But at least I had snow and I could do some great pictures. I hope you will enjoy them 🙂 This photos…


Haiku: Winter is here and not

Walking in the park Under sun power and warmth Winter‘s here and not  Winter yet to come She wants some snow in the park Play with birds to wait this is my friend AshiAkira’s response for this Haiku