Să aveți un Crăciun de Poveste! – Have a Christmas like a fairy tale!

Written by Monica … JUMP TO ENGLISH VERSION Hey! Salut prieteni 🙂 În primul rând vreau să vă mulțumesc pentru că existați. Apoi, pentru că m-ați suportat tot anul 2017, cu bune și cu rele. Că ați fost răbdători, că mi-ați citit posturile, ați dat like și ați comentat. Că mi-ați făcut viața mai frumoasă cu…


Romanian Xmas delights: Walnut Bread

Read also: Cabbage rolls with polenta                   Aspic-like dish (in Romanian: Piftie) Sweet Walnut Bread, known as “cozonac cu nuca”, is a traditional Romanian sweet bread made with raisins and walnuts. This is a favorite at every Christmas in Romania and you will find it on everyone’s table wherever you…

First magic night of December

  FOR ENGLISH VERSION CLICK HERE . Today is the first magic night of December. Why? Because St. Nicholas brings gifts to kids. Who is St. Nicholas? St. Nicholas is a legendary character in Central Europe. St. Nicholas’s legend? Legend says that three sisters, daughters of a poor nobleman, could not marry because of the…

Romania - Google - 1 dec 2017

Proud to be Romanian – 99 years of history

    FOR ENGLISH VERSION CLICK HERE . Finally. Today is the first day of winter: December 1st. It’s a very important day for Romania. For all of us. A long time ago… 99 years… Something has changed the lives of millions of Romanians… And I am referring to 1918, when the great assembly held…


Ce-i frumos, dispare :( – What’s beautiful, disappears :(

Written by Monica … JUMP TO ENGLISH VERSION Anul trecut vă prezentam Simfonia Lalelelor din Parcul Herăstrău. O splendoare în iarbă. O frumusețe ce-ți lua respirația. O bucurie pentru suflet. Anul acesta nu vă mai prezint nimic. Pentru că nu mai există. Pentru că pe nimeni nu mai interesează nimic. Pentru că în goana lor după…


Merry Christmas! Ho… ho… hoo!

JUMP TO ENGLISH VERSION      Sărbători, sărbători… ce poate fi mai frumos decât magia sărbătorilor? Ce te poate apropia mai mult de familie și ce te poate face mai fericit decât sărbătorile?      Chiar dacă există multe momente frumoase în cursul anului, parcă Sărbătorile de iarnă și Crăciunul au o magie aparte.  …


Leaf fossil?

No. Just another victim of fall. But look at the shape of the hole from the stone! Don’t you think it looks like a leaf?

mopana Academy by night

Hai să-ți spun o poveste! – Let me tell you a story!

FOR ENGLISH VERSION CLICK HERE Zilele acestea am fost la Academia Militară. Iubesc locul acesta! Nu doar priveliștea mă fascinează acolo… Dar și o poveste inventată de o prietenă… Ea zicea așa..“Dacă vei asculta povestea acestui loc… vei vedea lumea prin ochii mei. Stau acum și mă uit în jur… Ce e în spate? O…

Danube Delta – Romania

The Danube is Europe’s second largest river. It flows from its spring in the Black Forest in Germany almost 3000km to the Black Sea in Romania. On its journey it flows through four European c… To read all this beautiful post about Danube Delta and to see magnificent pictures click here: Danube Delta – Romania! Source:…

Fuga în cerc – Run in a circle

FOR ENGLISH VERSION CLICK HERE . Our minds plays tricks on us… Some words we use changes its meaning and we understand something else… For example we use the word “must” more often than necessary. We substitute “want” with must… We say “must” do something we like, and this tired us. We feel obliged to…

Tulip symphony

Nature paints flowers In colors of the rainbow Tulips symphony . Every Spring in Herastrau Park, in Bucharest, we enjoy the tulips symphony. So much purity in such beautiful flowers. It’s a spectacle you have to see. So, please enjoy!    Capture the beauty Nature bestowed on pure heart Who has eyes to see another…

A different kind of beauty

Sun, glasses, mountains Different kind of beauty Enjoy the silence   Sunlight through glasses Shows new beauty of mountains She watches in awe another masterpiece from my dear friend AshiAkira

Blue snow

Shining like a sapphire On the top of the mountains Discover blue snow This post is for my friend Christopher. I promised him that I will show him the blue snow. His blog is wonderful and he takes gorgeous photos. But don’t believe me! Just take a look here!

Paradisul meu – My Paradise

FOR ENGLISH VERSION CLICK HERE . A part of heaven is on earth. I saw it these days whilst I was in the mountains. It’s magical this place! Here everything is amazing: the tranquility, the scenery, the air.  In the following photographs I hope you will feel at least some of the emotions that I…

Up, in the montains / Photogalery

The sun is my friend I shook hand with him for you Up, in the mountains ——————————————————————————– Mountains are my love Fresh and cold air give me peace I fly like a bird  ——————————————————————————– Endless expansion Of the view from the mountain Her heart soars with love by my dear friend AshiAkira


The snowdrops are here

Spring’s already here She sent heralds to announce Beautiful snowdrops and this is AshiAkira response for my Haiku:  When the snowdrops bloom Your smile I see in my dream Like spring sun shining By the way, A little bouquet of snowdrops, in Romania, cost 2 lei. This means $ 0,48 or € 0,44. snowdrop –…