My Kingdom for a… Bridge

I love the snow and I love to take pictures with snow. You also know I love to walk in my beautiful Bucharest. Every time I find something to photograph. You’ve already seen photos from Romanian National Opera’s Park. These are my favorites. You have also a little movie at the end 🙂


Opera-park-08 Opera-park-09 Opera-park-11 Opera-park-12 Opera-park-13 Opera-park-14 Opera-park-15

How lucky you are
Born into the place you love
Thank your ancestors

My friend AshiAkira telling me how lucky I am, in a beautiful Haiku.

65 thoughts on “My Kingdom for a… Bridge

  1. What an amazing series of wooden walkways? We have some simple one but not like this. I liked your movie and images. The snow on it is really cool and helps people to see it better. You could film a great drama on here. That would be really cool. Cheers!

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    • Yes, would be cool. I love that series of wooden walkways, that’s why I shared it. You know, when I am alone, I like to stay there and think. 🙂 I am happy you liked it

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  2. Ohh, you pictures are stunning, place looks so gorgeous! Do you live somewhere here? Your country is beautiful, especially under snow…

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