Când e prea cald – When is too hot

For English version click here Ce faci atunci când este prea cald? Folosești aerul condiționat sau un ventilator. Sau te duci la munte sau la mare. Sau faci un duș rece. Sau… te uiți la fotografii de iarnă. Așa că… vă invit să faceți un pas înapoi și să vă uitați la aceste superbe fotografii…

Goodbye, Winter!

According to the calendar, today we say goodbye to the winter. No more cold, no more snow, no more warm clothes.  Goodbye, dear winter Goodbye, dear winter We spent nice time together I love you so much! Tribute to winter I prepared for you A vast photo gallery Tribute to winter 

Blue snow

Shining like a sapphire On the top of the mountains Discover blue snow This post is for my friend Christopher. I promised him that I will show him the blue snow. His blog is wonderful and he takes gorgeous photos. But don’t believe me! Just take a look here!

Up, in the montains / Photogalery

The sun is my friend I shook hand with him for you Up, in the mountains ——————————————————————————– Mountains are my love Fresh and cold air give me peace I fly like a bird  ——————————————————————————– Endless expansion Of the view from the mountain Her heart soars with love by my dear friend AshiAkira

My Kingdom for a… Bridge

I love the snow and I love to take pictures with snow. You also know I love to walk in my beautiful Bucharest. Every time I find something to photograph. You’ve already seen photos from Romanian National Opera’s Park. These are my favorites. You have also a little movie at the end 🙂 Enjoy! ❤…

I know I will regret this

Yesterday it rained I know I will regret this The snow is melting Yesterday it rained all day and the snow began to melt. No miracle take more than three days, is not it? But at least I had snow and I could do some great pictures. I hope you will enjoy them 🙂 This photos…

Frozen beauty

FOR ENGLISH VERSION CLICK HERE . Bigar Waterfall from Romania, one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world has froze. See here some extremely spectacular photos!  More about Bigar Waterfall you can read here! Photo source: libertatea.ro and opiniatimisoarei.ro . Here’s how it looks in the summer time! Did you know that also the…


Christmas Markets from all over the World

Astăzi vreau sa vă plimb prin lume. Dacă Moș Crăciun poate, într-o singură noapte, să ducă daruri la copiii din toată lumea, așa și eu vreau să vă duc în Târguri de Crăciun de peste tot. Ați fost deja în cel de la București cu mine și în cel de la Viena cu Cindy Knoke.…


Balconul roşu – Red balcony

FOR ENGLISH VERSION CLICK HERE . Winter and cold can not defeat beauty. Beauty expose herself to where you least expect. I found her in the balcony of a lover of flowers. And, she’s so red 🙂 Behold, the red balcony!   Frumuseţea nu ţine cont de iarnă şi nici de frigul ei. Frumuseţea se…


Lovely dandelion

Dandelion out of season So cold but I can see Waiting for the wind of spring To fly and carry my heart Far far away you know where to go Dandelion out of season Waiting for the wind of spring by AshiAkira, who did it again 🙂