Christmas meal: Aspic-like dish (in Romanian: Piftie)

Piftie-01One of the most delicious Romanian dishes for Christmas meal and also one of my favourite 🙂

Piftie is an aspic recipe prepared traditionally. Generally is made from low grade pork meat, such as the head, shank and/or hock made into a semi-consistent gelatinous cake-like form. In some varieties, chicken or turkey are used instead of pork. Some recipes also include smoked meat.

Homemade version is what I recommend:

The recipe calls for the meat to be cleaned, washed and then boiled for a short time, no longer than 5–10 minutes. Then the water is changed, and vegetables and spices are added (usually pepper, bay leaves, onion, carrots, celery). This is cooked until the meat begins to separate from the bones by itself; then, the bones are removed, the meat stock is filtered and the meat and stock are poured into shallow bowls.

Piftie-02Garlic is added, as well as thin slices of carrots or green peppers, or something similar for decoration. It is left to sit in a cold spot, such as a fridge or outside if the weather is cold enough. It congeals into jelly and can be cut into cubes (it is often said that good pihtijas are “cut like glass”).


Infos from wikipedia 🙂

19 thoughts on “Christmas meal: Aspic-like dish (in Romanian: Piftie)

      • I am not pure vegetarian I take fish n chicken once in two months but needed to know some vegetarian dish also as all ur delicacies are very tempting

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        • As you saw, that dish can be made with chicken or turkey :). Also, now I remember, cabbage rolls can be made without meat. Only rice. I ate and are delicious too. You can try, Parveen 🙂

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          • So dweet of you Monica for taking time and reminding me of cabbage dish. We will try and let you know in India the most famous chicken dish is butter chicken which is ultimate and even foreigners prefer this fish with yummy chicken tikka and fish fried. Mutton Rogan josh is s very yummy popular Kashmiri dish


  1. Looks delicious, hey know what Monica, I saw Polenta on Fox life today, they were trying it with a Italian dish(I do not remember the name, my bad)!

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