Cleveland Botanical Gardens

Last week, Jake and I went to the Cleveland Botanical Gardens. I had never been there; therefore, I was very excited and it turned out to be a treat. There was a lot to see and we took a TON of pictures. For that reason I will be dividing the pictures into 8 different posts so that this is not the post that never ends. Yes – eight. It was gorgeous there. 🙂

This post will have pictures from some of the general areas in the gardens and other posts will consist of the herb and rose gardens, the butterfly, small conifer and shade gardens along with the sun patio, the children’s garden, the urban retreat and waterfall garden, the woodland and restorative gardens, the Japanese and secret gardens, and the Glasshouse exhibit which contains an area for Madagascar and an area for the cloud forest of Costa Rica.

Here is the entrance to the botanical gardens building. There was a cafe, a gift shop, the Glasshouse and the entrance to the gardens. 

Cool fence. 

Giant Yahtzee.  There was a giant Jenga, too, but there were some kids playing with it.  It definitely would have been weird to take a picture.  Ha! 

Different paths.

This is a chocolate scented flower.  It was awesome! 


Bird’s nests.  Being birds.  Ha! 

Random stuff. 

Cute little trees. 

There were various tree houses.  Some had decorations, some had books and some had various things you could tap on to make music. 

This one had a swing!  😀 

And this was on the way out.  A storm was rolling in.  Unfortunately, it blew over, but it made for cool pictures.  🙂 

By the same Author: Alchymist Noir Red Blend and Vegan Chocolate Truffles

This post had a couple gardens, but it was mostly all of the stuff in between.  All the rest of the posts will be about specific gardens.  The next one will be the Herb Garden and Rose Garden.  🙂

For more beautiful photos you can go here.

Guest Post by Kristin from Tinny Time 

Tiny 200x200


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