Perfect jerk

If you ask some women did they met Mr. Perfect, for sure there will be stories to tell. Who is Mr. Perfect and what he represents?

Do you remember guy who always have the most expensive clothes, fast car and all women are on knees, some of them are screaming when he appears because he is irresistible? Also, he is son of his father, rich entrepreneur who has factory, firm or some private business and he has everything to be proud of?

The problem with such guys is because many of them think world is under their feet, and they just need to grab this. Thomas is son of familiar local gynecologist and when some girl would get pregnant with him, he sent her to father, on abortion. He is not ready to have family, yet. Thomas really get bored because everything is too easy for him, on the palm. Sexy women, lot of money, many opportunities for job, and he is dying for challenge.


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Another story comes out from Andrew. His father has apartments on the sea, few coffee bars and Andrew doesn’t need to work, he is just having fun in one of that bars, by teasing poor waiters who work for him. Every weekend Andrew finds woman for sex, when she is enough drunk, he takes her into his flat, which is near bar. Another day, Andrew pretends that nothing happened and he doesn’t reply on phone calls. One day he finished in bed with Iris. She was not type of easy woman, she spent days in studying for a lawyer, but one exam was very hard and she was very stressed. She get drunk in Andrew’s cafe bar. They had sex and as usually, another day Andrew did not notice her. Iris was hurt and she cried a lot, she called him on phone, and he replied after many calls, with one sentence : “I am rich, I can do what I want, so leave me alone.”

After one month two guys, friends of Iris, visited Andrew in his favorite bar, to speak with him. One of them said : “Listen jerk, she got pregnant and you are the father. So if you will not speak with her I will break your nose.” Andrew was in fear so he called Iris to ask her what is going on, but she did not reply on his call. He had nightmare because she was silent next days, and her friends were watching him from every corner. Finally, Andrew approached her in night club. They talked and Irish said to him : “Listen idiot, I am not pregnant, but you are piece of shit and this is lesson for you to learn about respect. Now, get out from my sight, because I don’t want to see you never again.” 

By the same Author: War between heart and mind 


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What money can’t buy is clear conscience.

Andrew was so perfect guy, handsome, rich, popular, but he did not see nobody else except himself. From that day, he started to think different, because he felt unpleasant. Something rock his perfect world. Until then, he was main star with fun club.

When we think that we have everything, someone will remind us that we still missed something, especially if we are so cocky, selfish and superficial. Egomaniacs forget that wheel of fortune is spinning, and some day they may be on the bottom.

Will they find way out to the top again ?

Guest Post by Kristina Gallo

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I am writing short stories about human psychology. My view is ironic and objective, and examples are from real life. During life, i was always suffering in relations caused by my wrong choices. I want to forward what i learned.

The copyrights on the article belong to the author. The responsibility for the opinions expressed in the article belongs exclusively to the author.

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10 thoughts on “Perfect jerk

  1. That jerk, and there are lots of them, deserves to have his butt kicked. Either they think they are too rich, too tall, too good looking, too muscular…….. The list goes on. The underlying thing that unites such guys, is their essential jack-ass character

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  2. Is this reality? I never met a rich guy for starters and less that uses his status as such. About jerks…. I know a couple, about the sex and getting pregnant, well if it´s a one night out you(female) should probably ask the guy to use a condom,if you get pregnant it´s hard to expect that a single guy just living life will jump up and down with a smile thinking that now he has the responsibility of taking care of another human being and changing his life forevere even though you might not like the life of a single man, that has no responsibilities and is a womanizer. The flip of the coin is that the girl did have sex with him voluntarely and if that girl doesn´t asses the situation right, wich normally is not all that hard since you pretty much know when is going to be a one night thing or casual sex every X amount of times, well you can´t make the guy be an ogre, maybe he is not the best of guys or your ideal prince charming but he is also not the devil. Not that I agree with such behaviour just trying to put it in some “gray” zone with perspective.

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    • It is true story, as i wrote, girl was drunk, and she did not think about consequences. I don’t justify her, but someone should give him lesson. I agree with you that part of guilt is on the girl, but she wanted to talk with him and he did not treat her as human creature.

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