Steam Train Ride – Maramures, Romania

Romania is a fairytale land. I give you today another small clue. If you want to live in times long gone read this post. Here you will find a gorgeous photo gallery, too.

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Experience Romania

Maramures, Romania. The keeper of traditions. This northern region of the country is famous for its people still wearing traditional, handmade clothing on Sundays and holidays. It’s recognized for its unique wooden houses and churches, some over 500 years old and declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The people, however, often make the biggest impression. They are incredibly welcoming and warm, natural hosts that make everyone feel like part of the family.

Now, I’d like present to you the Mocanita Steam Train in Viseu de Sus village. You leave in the morning, chugging slowly up the mountain valley, have a lunch break surrounded by nature and descend again to be back in the village by mid-afternoon. A unique chance to experience the train ride of a lifetime through lush-green forests. And keep an eye out for the Maramures carved wooden gate, the emblem of the region, which you typically only find…

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49 thoughts on “Steam Train Ride – Maramures, Romania

    • Unfortunately, I wasn’t there. But I would like to 🙂
      It is a beautiful blog where I found this post and there are more nice articles there.


  1. (Here is what I remembered from your posting:)

    Do you know how it was to travel on a seam train?
    A long time ago, we were on a school excursion
    On a long train pulled by a steam engine
    That was heading toward the rural summer school.
    When the train goes on a slow curve of the farm land,
    The kids on the train could see the steam engine far ahead of them.
    Huffing and puffing, the steam engine was going to hit a mountain.
    “Shut the windows,” the teacher shouted.
    She was furiously running through the aisle to pull down the shutters.
    But it was too late.
    The steam train ran into a tunnel filled with the gray smoke.
    The smoke from the burning coal of the steam engine contained soot.
    In a while the train was out into the light from tunnel.
    The kids’ faces were dirty with the soot.
    They were laughing at each other’s face.
    Pointing at each other’s face, the kids knew no one was free from the soot.
    The laughter got louder.
    Strangely, the teacher’s face alone was free from the soot.
    She must have known what would happen before hand and covered her face.
    She gave a smile to each of the kids. 🙂

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        • I think progress is not always a good thing. I do not speak about this train now, but I think some things should remain as they were at first, Ashi. Don’t you think?

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          • I agree. There is so much we have lost we progress. Progress is usually aimed at time and labor saving. But there is so much that require time and labor to develop, such as love and friendship that are vital for building peaceful world. 🙂

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              • I understand. I really understand you because I feel in the same way. But let’s think for a moment. We are here existing. We are not non-entities. There must be some meaning for our existing. We must find that out first. You and I are generations apart in the age. But you are very powerful and extremely intelligent for your age. Telling the truth, I look up to you. I have a strong feeling that we, at least I, can find why we are here if we continue talking with each other. May be there is a hint in why we have come to know each other like this. Right, Monica. ❤ 🙂

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                • You’re right, Ashi. Every one of us has a purpose, a meaning on this Planet. I did not find it yet. Maybe I will not find it ever. But I know I am here to do something. I don’t know what, when or how, but I will do my best to live life as a human being, not like a machine. Your words are wise and means a lot to me, coming from a man who have faced a lot of difficulties in his life. I have always appreciated your advices, Ashi, and I will always do. Thanks a lot for being here for me
                  So… Don’t go 🙂

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