A different kind of beauty

Sun, glasses, mountains Different kind of beauty Enjoy the silence   Sunlight through glasses Shows new beauty of mountains She watches in awe another masterpiece from my dear friend AshiAkira

Blue snow

Shining like a sapphire On the top of the mountains Discover blue snow This post is for my friend Christopher. I promised him that I will show him the blue snow. His blog is wonderful and he takes gorgeous photos. But don’t believe me! Just take a look here!

Paradisul meu – My Paradise

FOR ENGLISH VERSION CLICK HERE . A part of heaven is on earth. I saw it these days whilst I was in the mountains. It’s magical this place! Here everything is amazing: the tranquility, the scenery, the air.  In the following photographs I hope you will feel at least some of the emotions that I…

Up, in the montains / Photogalery

The sun is my friend I shook hand with him for you Up, in the mountains ——————————————————————————– Mountains are my love Fresh and cold air give me peace I fly like a bird  ——————————————————————————– Endless expansion Of the view from the mountain Her heart soars with love by my dear friend AshiAkira