Pregnancy Tag!!

Hi! I’m Grace from Sea On A Sunny Day!

I know I’m doing this a little late since I had my baby on June 24th. And most of the questions will be a little weird to answer because of what I chose for my baby. My aunt and uncle adopted him! Go read my other post to find out more about my story!

How far along are you?

Well I had my baby June 24th so he’s almost 9 weeks!

How did you find out?

I was feeling really sick in the morning and my period was late so I told my sister and then went and took a pregnancy test.

Morning sickness?

YES! I missed so much school while I was pregnant because I WAS SOOOOO SICK!

Are you finding out the sex?

Yes I did! He’s a boy!

Mood changes?

I realized that my mood changed a lot more frequently. And if you ask anybody who was around me while I was pregnant they will tell you that I got very mean!


I craved chocolate cake a lot. And a restaurant in my town makes this dish that has chicken, biscuits, and gravy on top and I craved that a lot!

Other symptoms?

My feet swelled a lot!!

Excited for?

I was very excited to finally meet him!

By the same author: Art Helped My Depression


Source: Google Image


Well the nursery is at my aunt’s house but at the moment it is yellow because they haven’t gotten around to painting it yet.

Any Pregnancy MUST HAVES?

I was going to try to not get “pregnancy pants” but I ended up buying some and they are amazing! A body pillow is also a must have!

Guest Post by Grace from Sea On A Sunny Day

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Hi!! I’m Grace. I’m 15. I love sweatpants, chocolate, tacos, and blue raspberry slushies! I started my blog so that I could get my unique story heard. I would like to be able to help anyone who might be in a similar position as I am.

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