Sclavul propriilor vise? – Slave of my dreams?

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Wow! Tipa aia arată perfect!

Uită-te la ea ce forme perfecte are!

Ce chip perfect!

Perfect… Perfect… Perfect…

1. Ce înseamnă perfecțiunea?

După părerea mea, perfecțiunea înseamnă un echilibru în tot și toate, ceva sublim, ceva frumos. Pe de altă parte, echilibrul perfect este vid. Nu înseamnă nimic. Perfecțiunea e considerată frumusețea absolută, dar când îți place de cineva sau ceva îl înfrumusețezi tu. Așa suntem noi, oamenii, făcuți: “Să înfrumusețăm ceva ce iubim”. Eu cred că frumusețea și perfecțiunea sunt în ochii privitorului, pentru că tot ce ne înconjoară e perfect, dar nu toți vedem asta. toți suntem diferiți și avem alte criterii când vine vorba de perfecțiune și frumusețe.

silueta2. Încrederea în sine ține și de aspectul fizic?

Având în vedere că foarte multe tinere își doresc să arate ca modelele de la Victoria’s Secret aș putea spune că sunt destui oameni care nu se simt bine în propriul corp și le este frică să se descopere. Și acum o să vă întreb: “ele sunt frumoase pentru că așa li se cere, dar noi? Noi oamenii care nu trăim pe podium, în lumina reflectoarelor și în gura criticilor? Noi de ce nu ne putem mulțumi cu noi?”

Eu recunosc că nu mă simt extraordinar în pielea mea și că îmi doresc să mă îmbunătățesc. Dar îmbunătățirile nu-mi afectează încrederea. Nu vreau să arăt ca ele și nu vreau să devin sclavul propriilor vise. Oamenii au fost Creați pentru a fi Fericiți, nu Perfecți! Mereu putem face lucruri care să ne ajute să ne simțim bine cu noi înșine, pentru că până la urmă… dacă noi nu avem încredere în noi, cine va avea?

Acestea sunt răspunsurile mele la două întrebări simple. Dacă aveți alte păreri, le astept la comentarii.



Wow! That chick looks perfect!

Look at her, what perfect curves!

What a perfect face!

Perfect… Perfect… Perfect…

silueta (2)1. What is perfection?

In my opinion, perfection means a balance in everything, something sublime, something beautiful. On the other hand, the perfect balance is vacuum. It means nothing. Perfection is considered the absolute beauty, but when you like someone or something you can make it beautiful. That is what we humans do: “embellish what we love”. I believe that the beauty and perfection are in the eye of the beholder, because everything around us is perfect, but not all can see it. We are all different and have other criteria when we talk about perfection and beauty.

2. The way you look increase your self-confidence?

Because many young girls want to look like Victoria’s Secret models, I would say there are a lot of people who do not feel good in their body and are afraid to discover themselves. And now I ask: “so, they are beautiful because they are models, but what about us? Not all of us live on stage, in the spotlight. Why we are not satisfied with what we have?”

I admit I do not feel great in my skin and I wish to improve myself. But the improvements do not affect my confidence. I don’t want to look like them and I don’t want to be the slave of my dreams. People were created to be happy, not to be perfect! We can always do things that help us to feel good with ourselves, because ultimately … if we do not trust us, who will?

These are my answers to two simple questions. If you have other opinions, I wait for your comments. 🙂

44 thoughts on “Sclavul propriilor vise? – Slave of my dreams?

  1. Oh sweet perfect girl. Your heart shines through all you do, which makes you perfect in face and form…for without heart, youth is wasted, and perfection is an ever elusive dream.
    Your heart will make you perfect at every age.

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  2. Confidence comes from within. We need to first love and accept ourselves for who we are. It’s great to want to look good but we should do it for ourselves and not compare to others. You are perfect in yourself Monica. And this was a lovely post, believe in yourself.

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  3. Another nice post in this series you’ve been creating. We all have little flaws but it is not worth feeling bad about ourselves over. I think if someone wants to improve himself or herself, there are more interesting things to work on than how you look. Cheers!

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  4. I agree with you, Mon! There are not perfect people and outer beauty is not so important as inner one. If you meet a person who look very beautiful or handsome, you feel immediately attracted to him/her. But this is just your first impression. Later when this person starts talking, you can feel very confused because it may be too stupid. I believe that every person is beautiful and perfect in its own way. There are different tastes, and different people, bu the truth is that if you like the person, you admire all his/her disadvantages and advantages. However, we definitely should look after our shape and feel good. If we are happy, then we look even better than any model!

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  5. You are perfect because there is only one Monica in the whole universe! Nobody else could do the job of being you better than you 🙂

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  6. This is a world wide issue and crosses every age group! Sadly it’s because of the media and the ‘standard’ of what women are ‘supposed’ to look like according to mass media. The most important thing to learn is to love yourself! Embrace who you are, that person looking back at you, your choices, your abilities, your value. Realize that everyone is different and beautiful in their own way and it’s our job as women to stick together and make sure we each know how much that beauty shines in us ALL!!!

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  8. I believe that perfection is feeling, as you wrote. If i feel great with something i have, that is perfection. Also i don’t believe that perfection is universal, because everyone has different impression. We don’t have to feel less worthy because of “perfect” competition. Maybe someone who is considered as perfect is indeed unhappy inside.

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