When music hits you, you feel no pain

Bob Marley said:

When music hits you, you feel no pain

And he was so right. No matter what kind of music you listen to.

As for me, since I discovered my friend’s piano music, Mihran Kalaydjian, I can say that if I want to relax I listen to his music. It is so beautiful. You can try it in one of the videos below.

Who is Mino?

mopana-Mihran-Kalaydijan-01Mihran Kalaydjian, “Mino”, is a Contemporary Solo Pianist & Composer. His original solo piano compositions are often described as “musical storytelling”, and are haunting and contagious, relaxing and beautiful, peaceful and touching.

The artistry and virtuosity of Mihran Kalaydjian bridges the genres of Jazz, Classical, Popular and World Music. He is a pianist with a brilliant technique and a composer who flavors his tunes with the spice of Caribbean rhythms and jazz harmonies.


Mino and his orchestra

I would best describe my music as ‘new-age/contemporary/pop solo piano’ music. Some romantic, some inspirational, but each with its own unique story… I will continue to share my ‘stories’ through my music, and hope to share them in my concerts and future CD releases. Whether I play on the main stage or in my living room with family and friends, I will always have my music, and nothing will ever change that.

9 thoughts on “When music hits you, you feel no pain

  1. It’s taken me a while to get around to listening to the three videos (I’ve been on a blogging ‘fury’ posting almost every day, very unusual for me) – as you say, good music to relax to. My favourite of the three is definitely the third, probably because of the strong jazz elements. As you’ll know, my first love is so-called ‘classical music’, the second being jazz. It took me a while to find a track with just solo piano, which is what I expected from the blurb. I found ‘Mariage d’amour’ on his site and, as I suspected, I preferred without the percussion and ‘electronic’ music. Some great guitar on other tracks. I’m going to send you some music from a friend of mine, one of my favourites when I want a change from ‘classical’


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