Los Salvadorans

I said it many times. The blogosphere is a place where you can find beautiful people who can become friends for life. It worked for me, it could work for anybody.

One of this friends is Christopher from milfordstreet.wordpress.com. A wonderful person and a very gifted man.

He’s also a very talented photographer. Because of this talent, he was invited to an exhibition with his photos. Not only people have appreciated his pictures, but also the organizers who asked him to prepare himself for another exhibition. When I heard that, I was very happy for him 🙂

The exhibition I talked about, was through New England ArtReach. The images were displayed at St. Joseph’s Hospital from January to June 2017.

But, I will let Chris tell you his story.

Christopher OKeefe

Artist’s Statement

“This is a series of eight color images made over the twelve weeks that I spent volunteering as a teacher in El Salvador. As a photographer, I mainly focused on creating a sense of place through my images. Arriving in El Salvador, I was not certain what best defined the country. Some places are best represented by their unique geography; other places are better shown through their architecture or food. For me, the people of El Salvador created the biggest impression of their country. Overall, I found them to be a proud, generous and friendly people, who work hard to make a good life for themselves and their families.

Most of these images were made in Santa Tecla, where I was teaching. A few of the images are of friends or acquaintances, but most are of people I met on the street. One artistic constraint was due to travel constraints these images were not made with a dSLR but a small Lumix LX7, which gives the images and a bit softer and grainier feel.

My thanks to the many people who allowed me to make their image.”


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