Nature beauties

Wisteria always amazes me.  … The wisteria garden Flowers handing from the shelves People must walk heads down a beautiful haiku written for me by my dear Grandpa, AshiAkira. … See more beautiful photos here: To look and marvel!


Tulips, tulips, tulips

  The Spring offers us A beautiful symphony Of colored tulips Tulips! When they bloom She jumps out and dance with them For the joy of spring This is my Grandpa AshiAkira’s beautiful response for this photo and haiku. See more beautiful photos here: Cismigiu Park – Tulips


Blumen Baden~

. Baden-Baden’s spring bloom is just beginning. The tulips on the Lichtenthaler Alle, a strolling avenue and park, that follows the River Oos, are beginning their splendid spring bloom. To read more and see more beautiful photos, click here: Blumen Baden~

mopana spring sakura

31 beautiful ways to say Hello to the Spring

There’s no season like Spring is Sparrows chirping in the trees. Flowers fragrance in the air Colored blossoms everywhere. by Monica  And the beautiful response of my grandpa from Japan, AshiAkira Stretch up arms spring’s here Flowers blooming birds singing Life starts a new cycle Because I love the colors of the Spring I collected…


The magic of nature

Flowers like cups  Stalk as a tower Beautiful and so very black Tulips, the magic of nature  And below is the response of my dear friend AshiAkira Because you can see Deserved beauty of flowers So you are as seen . More photos here: The magic of nature  

White spring

Wherever you look There is white on every tree White flowers of spring .  White means readiness To turn to any color For increased beauty  Another masterpiece by my friend AshiAkira.