Iubirea doare? – Love hurts?

JUMP TO ENGLISH VERSION Aș vrea să vă întreb… iubirea doare? Iubirea e cea care doare de fapt? Sau iubirea e doar o stare de împlinire? Eu cred ca iubirea e cea mai frumoasa stare. Iubirea nu are cum sa doară… Iubirea are doar emoții pozitive. Adevărata durere ține de pierderea persoanelor iubite, de respingere,…

Mereu înseamnă puțin – Always means a little

  FOR ENGLISH VERSION CLICK HERE . There are times, especially now in adolescence, when every person looking for someone to stay for life. And when you think you’ve found that special person beginning promises: “I always be there for you!”, “We will always be together!” etc… I have learned over time how little means…

Furtuna de sentimente – A storm of feelings

FOR ENGLISH VERSION CLICK ON PHOTOS BELOW O să încep așa: “Cine mai crede în ei? Cine poate ști cine sunt ei? Dar mai ales… Cine sunt “EROII”?. Pentru un copil, părinții. Pentru un părinte, copilul. Dar care e adevăratul erou? Cel ce salvează sau cel ce motivează? Adevărații eroi sunt cei ce ne motivează…


Haiku: You will never know

I never told you How deep you live inside me You will never know Far down the meadow Scene projected from your heart Flowers bloom he waves by AshiAkira, a wonderful friend

If I could

If I could take you I’d do it for all my life Because I love you On my photo blog I prepared for you some cute “Winter Emoji” – click on photo below!


Crăciunul, o iubire nesfârșită! – Christmas, an endless love!

FOR ENGLISH VERSION CLICK HERE . Days are passing, then weeks and months, And dark storm clouds invading our soul, Because through the burden of dreams We look the weather which stirs. Forgotten memories, shattered moments, Broken hearts, broken ideals… ❤ We run through chaos and war But in peacetime, we fight with ourselves, We…

mopana-In the mirror-01

Ultimul dans – Last dance

  FOR ENGLISH VERSION CLICK HERE . Today we say goodbye to the autumn. According to the calendar, the last day of November is the last day of autumn. What a day! Sunny and warm, to have what to regret. It’s been 334 days, 8016 hours, 480,960 minutes and 28,857,600 seconds. Meanwhile, many beautiful things…


Ei au schimbat lumea – They changed the World

Five Hebrew people who changed the world Moses who said: „law is everything” Jesus who said: „love is everything” Marx who said: „the capital is everything” Freud who said: „sex is everything” Einstein who said: „everything is relative”