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Stelele Pământului – The Stars of the Earth

It is said about Daisies that they are the Stars of the Earth. I do not know if this is quite so or the stars are Daisies in the sky, but these flowers are so beautiful. To see more pictures click here: Daisies   Advertisements


The sky is so high

Written by Monica …   … Read also: Happiness is like a butterfly … The sky is so high To touch it I want to try And one day I’ll fly … … My ebooks   …


I want peace and love

Written by Monica …   Read also: Los Salvadorans The World goes crazy People now talk about war We only want peace … … Cărțile mele … Advertisements


AshiAkira Haiku Poems

  AshiAkira, my dear Grandpa from Japan, is a Master of Haiku. You know him because you’ve read his poems on my little blog many, many times. Many of you also know his poems from his blog AshiAkira. He wrote almost 2000 Haiku poems in 10 years.  He’s the man whose poems made me write…


Pink for you

A lot of pink here More pink there and over there Spectacular view. See more beautiful photos here: So pink Advertisements


Tulips, tulips, tulips

  The Spring offers us A beautiful symphony Of colored tulips Tulips! When they bloom She jumps out and dance with them For the joy of spring This is my Grandpa AshiAkira’s beautiful response for this photo and haiku. See more beautiful photos here: Cismigiu Park – Tulips Advertisements

mopana-Half Skull, Half Butterfly

Love or hatred?

Written by Monica … Deep inside my soul There are a crossroads to hell The battle for life …   … … Advertisements


Playing with umbrellas

… Colored umbrellas Like a rainbow in the sky Enjoying my eyes … See more photos here: Colors in the sky Advertisements


The Wind Rose

Written by Monica … JUMP TO ENGLISH VERSION I’ve lived a life that’s full. I’ve traveled each and every highway; And more, much more than this, I did it my way. Frank Sinatra … Aceasta este expoziția mea. Voi… sunteți criticii. Eu… creatorul.  … To find the right path When you are lost and lonely You…


Big red camellias

. . A beautiful Haiku written by AshiAkira … Big red camellias All of them looking toward me As I opened the door … You can read more amazing Haiku here: Officially spring Shivering but spring Startled by sparrows chirp Advertisements


My eBooks :)

Written by Monica … JUMP TO ENGLISH VERSION  … ENGLISH VERSION … My eBooks…   … Advertisements


Beauty of Spring

  Read and see more here: Day and Night Advertisements


A rose with thorns

Written by Monica … JUMP TO ENGLISH VERSION Cine nu îndrăznește să înțeleagă spinii, nu ar trebui să își dorească trandafirul. Anne Brontë … Aceasta este expoziția mea. Voi… sunteți criticii. Eu… creatorul.  … Thorns are the soldiers Beauty must be protected Love among petals …   … … ENGLISH VERSION … But he who dares…


The time has no time

Written by Monica … JUMP TO ENGLISH VERSION Ziua de ieri s-a dus. Ziua de mâine n-a ajuns încă. Tot ce avem e ziua de azi. Hai să începem. Maica Tereza … Aceasta este expoziția mea. Voi… sunteți criticii. Eu… creatorul.  … The time has no time It drains slowly, but surely Like sand in hourglass…


Thinking of Summer

It’s Winter and cold But my thoughts are flying to Colors of Summer… More beautiful photos here: Colors of Summer Advertisements


Howling at the moon

Written by Monica … JUMP TO ENGLISH VERSION Fii puternic, pentru că lucrurile se vor îmbunătăți. Poate că e furtună acum, dar nu va ploua mereu. … Aceasta este expoziția mea. Voi… sunteți criticii. Eu… creatorul.  … Life is not easy And sometimes we are like wolves Howling at the moon …   … … ENGLISH…


You’re my anchor

Written by Monica … JUMP TO ENGLISH VERSION În ziua în care puterea iubirii va fi mai mare decât iubirea de putere, lumea va cunoaște pacea. Mahatma Gandhi … Aceasta este expoziția mea. Voi… sunteți criticii. Eu… creatorul.  … You are my anchor You make me stronger and good The power of love …   ……


Nature is playing with us

During winter days Nature is playing with us Crocheting the snow Advertisements


Winter is dying, Spring is almost here

Spring is almost here Snowdrops banish the winter Enjoy sunny days! See more awesome pictures here: Snowdrops banish the winter Advertisements



The sun is shining The snow glows on trees branches No sparrows chirping See more beautiful pictures here: The silence of a winter day Advertisements


Nearby the lakeside

Nearby the lakeside It’s alone, but not lonely A majestic tree… Source: Alone, but not lonely   Advertisements


My secret love

Written by Monica … … When we are apart My body trembles, because You’re my secret love …        … Don’t forget! My Haiku eBook „Love, Guns and Roses” can be downloaded for FREE from here. Advertisements


Never let you go

Written by Monica … I want you so much You make me strong with your love Never let you go …        … Don’t forget! My Haiku eBook „Love, Guns and Roses” can be downloaded for FREE from here. Advertisements



Written by AshiAkira … Your life is your own Keep your heart to yourself too I love you truly …       This beautiful Haiku was written by my Grandpa AshiAkira in response to my post: Love me one day! … …AshiAkira…       I dedicate this blog to two old men who are haunting…


Desires Ignite Flames

Originally posted on Pax Et Dolor Magazine:
By: Monica Pana Desires ignite flames And we could be burned so hard By the fire of love Note: The copyrights on the article belong to the author. The responsibility for the opinions expressed in the article belongs exclusively to the author. Please visit her site, look around!…


Life is an oyster

Written by Maik Herrmann . . … You’ll become a pearl As you have cried long enough Life is an oyster … _Maik___       Maik Herrmann, critically acclaimed lyricist/songwriter & author of the “AUSTIN ROARERS – Vol. 1-3” songbooks. He is an award-winning songwriter from the former German Democratic Republic. He loves to participate in…


Love me one day!

Written by Monica …   If you want my life I also give you my heart To love me one day … … Before you leave take a look at my little store … My Shop Front See Read Buy … Advertisements


Love is immortal

Written by Monica … JUMP TO ENGLISH VERSION Viața este o floare, iar dragostea este mierea din ea. — Victor Hugo … Aceasta este expoziția mea. Voi… sunteți criticii. Eu… creatorul.  … It’s a gift from Gods And leads us to ecstasy Love is immortal … … … ENGLISH VERSION … Life is a flower of which love…


Tears can change the world

Guest Post by AshiAkira … Tears shed quietly are strong Strong enough to change the world Above all the one that sheds the tears You are not the one to look for him/her But you are the one for all others to look for …       This beautiful Haiku was written by my Grandpa…


Ticking Clock of Life (Triply Haiku)

Guest Post by Jonathan Noble …  … To make time fly by Take wing into azure sky Sun clock chimes on high … To slow down the clock Lock yourself in moon and stars All mortal ways block … To live in motion Time causes a commotion Tears of emotion …  Look around! By the same…


A miracle of nature

… Right on the lakeside A miracle of nature Fabulous red pine … See more fabulous pictures here: Red pines Advertisements


Lights… Camera… Action!

…       If you want to help me to promote my little Haiku eBook, you can reblog this article or share it on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, G+, Pinterest or WhatsApp. Please click on the buttons below! … If you want to write a review, please click here:  … If you want this eBook FOR…


When fate is written

Written by Monica … JUMP TO ENGLISH VERSION Se spune că ce ți-e scris, în frunte ți-e pus. … Aceasta este expoziția mea. Voi… sunteți criticii. Eu… creatorul.  … When fate is written Time doesn’t have time with no one It’s implacable … … … ENGLISH VERSION … It is said that “what is written for…


Haiku, o poveste în trei versuri – Haiku, a three-lyrics story

Written by Monica  … JUMP TO ENGLISH VERSION Articole scurte și cu tâlc      Haiku este un gen de poezie cu formă fixă, tradițional japoneză, (limba japoneză fiind o limbă silabică), alcătuită din 17 silabe repartizate pe 3 “versuri” formate din 5, 7, 5 silabe – conform Wikipedia.      Haiku este un magnet puternic…


A bright super moon

Guest Post by AshiAkira … A bright super moon Rainy night but I can see Like you far yonder       This beautiful Haiku was written by my Grandpa AshiAkira in response to my Haiku: Super Moon … Look around! By the same Author: Old man with deep wrinkles … … …AshiAkira…       I…