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31 beautiful ways to say Hello to the Spring

There’s no season like Spring is Sparrows chirping in the trees. Flowers fragrance in the air Colored blossoms everywhere. by Monica  And the beautiful response of my grandpa from Japan, AshiAkira Stretch up arms spring’s here Flowers blooming birds singing Life starts a new cycle Because I love the colors of the Spring I collected…

Flowers fragrance

I love spring as much as I love winter. I love when nature is reborn. I love the green. I love the flowers scent in the air. I love the warmth of the sun. I love the chirping of the birds and the buzz of bees. For all of that, I dedicate this haiku to…

White spring

Wherever you look There is white on every tree White flowers of spring .  White means readiness To turn to any color For increased beauty  Another masterpiece by my friend AshiAkira.