Haiku: Winter is here and not

Walking in the park Under sun power and warmth Winter‘s here and not  Winter yet to come She wants some snow in the park Play with birds to wait this is my friend AshiAkira’s response for this Haiku


Crăciunul, o iubire nesfârșită! – Christmas, an endless love!

FOR ENGLISH VERSION CLICK HERE . Days are passing, then weeks and months, And dark storm clouds invading our soul, Because through the burden of dreams We look the weather which stirs. Forgotten memories, shattered moments, Broken hearts, broken ideals… ❤ We run through chaos and war But in peacetime, we fight with ourselves, We…

Avem magie – Magic is alive

Sun rises on sky Light guides us like a lighthouse Magic is alive This is the response from my friend AshiAkira to my Haiku. Another beautiful creation of him 🙂  Birds know the magic Flowers quietly follow We lost, found again Soarele iese Lumina ne îndrumă Avem magie



A gift from nature So peaceful for those who can see Calms down their lives too a beautiful Haiku by AshiAkira, my friend from far away


My dear friends, my neighborhood is in a total darkness like on Ceausescu’s times. One hour ago the lights were turned off and since then nothing happened. I write this post on my phone :). Out there is dark and silence. Nobody on the street right now. It’s so dark that you could cut the…

Christmas sweets: Walnut Bread

Sweet Walnut Bread known as “cozonac cu nuca” is a traditional Romanian sweet bread made with raisins and walnuts. This is a favorite at every Christmas in Romania and you will find it on everyone’s table wherever you go. And it’s really delicious. You can find the recipe here, on Jo Cooks’s site. I hope…


Romanian cabbage rolls with polenta

There are only 14 days until Christmas. Till then, I will try to show you some of romanian traditional food for the Christmas party. In fact I will try to find for you, on the internet, the best recipe. I begin with the one of the best food ever which I love it: Cabbage rolls…


Balconul roşu – Red balcony

FOR ENGLISH VERSION CLICK HERE . Winter and cold can not defeat beauty. Beauty expose herself to where you least expect. I found her in the balcony of a lover of flowers. And, she’s so red 🙂 Behold, the red balcony!   Frumuseţea nu ţine cont de iarnă şi nici de frigul ei. Frumuseţea se…


Lovely dandelion

Dandelion out of season So cold but I can see Waiting for the wind of spring To fly and carry my heart Far far away you know where to go Dandelion out of season Waiting for the wind of spring by AshiAkira, who did it again 🙂


FOR ENGLISH VERSION CLICK HERE . I was watching these days on Facebook and I noticed that “Supposedly, all expect to snow. Actually, it’s a big lie. The truth is that we all are waiting for someone to throw us in the snow and after that to kiss our frozen face. We all expect a…


No water. No ducks

FOR ENGLISH VERSION CLICK HERE . Winter has come. With sunshine and warm weather. Like it’s in the southern hemisphere. The sunny day made me go for a walk through the park. A lot of people, children, noise. When winter comes the lake from park, which is not natural, it’s dried up. Although, in previous…

mopana-In the mirror-01

Ultimul dans – Last dance

  FOR ENGLISH VERSION CLICK HERE . Today we say goodbye to the autumn. According to the calendar, the last day of November is the last day of autumn. What a day! Sunny and warm, to have what to regret. It’s been 334 days, 8016 hours, 480,960 minutes and 28,857,600 seconds. Meanwhile, many beautiful things…


Penibil – Embarrassing

  FOR ENGLISH VERSION CLICK HERE . The most amazing things are the things that you did not expect… I was recently to do some tests. I stood in line like everyone there and when my turn came I realized that actually enter someone else before me. Why? Because he/she knew someone!!! I do not…


Sunrise among the blocks

FOR ENGLISH VERSION CLICK HERE . My day began splendidly. With a sunrise among blocks. After several rainy and cold days, the sun smiles again to us. Sun from sunny days. Have a wonderful day my friends, as my day started! I leave you to enjoy the view I saw when I woke up.  …


The Mask of Zorro

I spent this afternoon with my father. We start it listening music. At one point, when we listen Marc Anthony and Tina Arena’s song “I want to spend my lifetime loving you”, I realized that I’d like to see again the movie “The Mask of Zorro”. And we did it. Did you remember it? With…

mopana-Bucharest Lights

Luminile Bucureștiului – Bucharest Lights

  FOR ENGLISH VERSION CLICK HERE Attracted by an advertisement, I went to see the lights at the Old Center of the city. I never got there because, surprisingly, I saw another wonderful play of light, at the University. There was a lot of people and it was like a dream. Bucharest beauty can not…