Luminițele de seară – The evening lights

Written by Monica … JUMP TO ENGLISH VERSION Citește și: Stelele Pământului . Anul trecut v-am prezentat Primula sau Luminițele de seară într-un filmuleț video. (Vezi aici: „Sensational! A beautiful yellow flower that blooms in real time”) Vă spuneam atunci că această minunată floare trăiește doar o zi. De fapt, o noapte. Înflorește în jurul orei 20,45…


Ce-i frumos, dispare :( – What’s beautiful, disappears :(

Written by Monica … JUMP TO ENGLISH VERSION Anul trecut vă prezentam Simfonia Lalelelor din Parcul Herăstrău. O splendoare în iarbă. O frumusețe ce-ți lua respirația. O bucurie pentru suflet. Anul acesta nu vă mai prezint nimic. Pentru că nu mai există. Pentru că pe nimeni nu mai interesează nimic. Pentru că în goana lor după…


How a beauty survives…

A flower that retains water in the spoon-shaped leaf. See more photos here: “Meet a survivor!“.  My Top 5 Posts 1. Begging for the last second 2. Angel tears 3. Sakura, the show of Nature 4. My age 5. The warrior of freedom


A flower

Drifting above the bed of leaves, Aiming to reach the sky, Mimicking the wonderful stars, Shining brighter with each try. 💐 💐 Cajoling of Bees & butterflies, Making me embrace pride, spreading my wings afar, blushing like a bride. 💐 Looking at not so beautiful fate, Dreading now, its power, here lies beside me, once…

Tulip symphony

Nature paints flowers In colors of the rainbow Tulips symphony . Every Spring in Herastrau Park, in Bucharest, we enjoy the tulips symphony. So much purity in such beautiful flowers. It’s a spectacle you have to see. So, please enjoy!    Capture the beauty Nature bestowed on pure heart Who has eyes to see another…


The magic of nature

Flowers like cups  Stalk as a tower Beautiful and so very black Tulips, the magic of nature  And below is the response of my dear friend AshiAkira Because you can see Deserved beauty of flowers So you are as seen . More photos here: The magic of nature  

Sky is crying crystal dew

A sunny morning Sky is crying crystal dew Flowers are smiling .  and this is the beautiful response from my dear friend, AshiAkira The dews shine for you From the flowers nowhere else Are the smiles to match


The snowdrops are here

Spring’s already here She sent heralds to announce Beautiful snowdrops and this is AshiAkira response for my Haiku:  When the snowdrops bloom Your smile I see in my dream Like spring sun shining By the way, A little bouquet of snowdrops, in Romania, cost 2 lei. This means $ 0,48 or € 0,44. snowdrop –…