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Friends always help you when you’re in need. Below you’ll find a beautiful review for my book, written by my dear friend Ann from Anroworld. Thank you so much, Ann ❤


mopana-carrying-all-the-wounds-in-my-smile-coverCARRYING ALL THE WOUNDS IN MY SMILE is an inside look at what goes on behind the smile of every teenager. The book answers the question of what it is like to be a teenager in the 21st century where everything goes wrong. The author, Monica Pana, opens the doors to her very emotional and beautiful world of adolescence.

Everyone was a teenager, but not everyone faced the same problems. Teenage problems can be different, and yet they are very special. Today this problem becomes even more crucial. Teenagers are left to themselves along with Internet and cruel world where the stronger dictates the rules. A boy or a girl is trapped and often is tet-a-tet with her/his own emotions. Usually emotions are put into words scribbled secretly in their diaries. Monica gives us a unique chance to peep into our own teenager’s diary or even deeper. After Blue Whale invasion into young lives, any insight into teenagers’ thoughts is more than welcoming, do not you think so?

The book begins with the description of controversial feelings arise in our childhood. Later the author raises sensitive issues such as love, optimism, lie, destroy, honesty and parenthood. Page by page the reader finds himself involved in the philosophical… Read the entire article here: My Friend’s Book

17 thoughts on “What girls want

  1. Great to see this review Monica. As you know, mine are in hand. I had a very quick scan through the Romanian version and it certainly looks very interesting. It will, as you know, take me much longer to read it properly. I might see Hattie tomorrow evening if she’s playing and if so I’ll ask if she’s managed to read any of it yet.

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