I do not want to be right




Emily and Charlotte

Yesterday, I posted an article entitled „Be happy!”. Many of you liked it. As I did when I wrote it. But life is unpredictable. And… Even if I know it is… I do not want to be right.

A good friend of mine, Grumpytyke, used my post to give us a life lesson.

Catching up this morning on reading some of the blogs I follow I particularly liked a post from one of my Romanian blogging friends, Monica (mopana), who writes in both Romanian and (excellent) English – good for me to practice my Romanian. It was all the more poignant as I knew a little later I was meeting another delightfully happy young friend, Charlotte.

Charlotte, 10 years old, has severe cerebral palsy – spastic quadriplegia, so all four limbs are affected. But what a happy little girl she is, particularly when with her loving sister Emily.

I spent a lovely hour in the sun chatting with her on a near perfect English summer day. Speaking is difficult for her but with a bit of perserverence it becomes easier to understand her; she seems to have no problem understanding me.

The occasion was an annual charity bun fight at the home of …” continue reading here: “Be happy – a lesson from Charlotte, and Monica



6 thoughts on “I do not want to be right

  1. I can not explain the joy that I felt when I laid my eyes on her beautiful smile!
    In the middle of the night I deeply pray for this adorable cute little girl.
    God bless you for sharing this insightful post

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