My first buyer’s Review


As you know, I just launched my new ebook “Dirty Blogging – 40 ugly traps that wait for you at every step“. My first buyer was Christopher, who enjoyed it and even wrote a review. See below!


“I’m sure that all of my fellow bloggers have had this happen. You check WordPress and see you have a new comment from someone you don’t know. You’re kind of excited. Oh, someone new! Then, you click on it and find a comment that reads something like “Hey, check out my new post. I think you’ll really like it.” Now you’re mad because not only did they hijack your blog to promote themselves but they didn’t even say anything about the post they put their self-promotion on. And, of course, you go and check out their blog and get even madder because their post has nothing to do with what your blog is about. Arrrrgggghhhhh

Well, my friend Monica and her father have cataloged this type of person and all the others out there who don’t play nice on the blogosphere in their new book Dirty Blogging: 40 ugly traps that wait for you at every step. For those of you who are veteran bloggers, you’ll read it thinking “God, I hate when that happens.” Some parts of it are a bit funny because they are so true. It’s a bit like the comedian who gets a laugh by saying how bad something is. It’s funny because we can all identify with it. And Monica and her father give nicknames to the various sorts of people. For example, there are the “Followers Hunters.” Here is an excerpt:…”

Read more here: E-Book Review: Dirty Blogging

25 thoughts on “My first buyer’s Review

  1. Congratulations! New book and already customer with a review! Win! I am very proud of you and your dad, keep on going in this direction!

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  2. Congrats Monica. Oh yes that is why i like comment moderation. Sometimes i was nasty to enjoy in reading big comment about promotion of some bloggers who were not connected with my post at all. And i did not publish comment, just put it in trash. Another time i wrote warning under such blog. If they are rude, i will be too. So when people do shits to someone, let they know with whom they are dealing.

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