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They say “Live and let live.”

And I guess they are right

So I just stay in bed

And have one beautiful time

Just lying there – not moving an inch

Maybe having a beer and thinking some things

You may say “You can’t do that. Man, it’s crazy!”

Tell you what: Back home we’re callin’ it lazy…

How can it be wrong

To do nothing all day

When it makes you so happy

To move as little as possible


by Maik



Just staying in bed

Is so much fun

One of the most joyous things

That I’ve ever done

Whereas writing this little song is wasting my time –

Thinking up appreciated lines with reasonable rhymes

Well, this might make you start laughing

But I tell you I’m already too busy doing nothing

There ain’t nothing wrong

With chilling all day

(Go dig your life!)

And the secret’s just

To move as little as possible

And the secret’s just

To move as little as possible


      Maik Herrmann, critically acclaimed lyricist/songwriter & author of the “AUSTIN ROARERS – Vol. 1-3” songbooks. He is an award-winning songwriter from the former German Democratic Republic. He loves to participate in trampoline jumping and in-line skate marathons.

The copyrights on the article belong to the author. The responsibility for the opinions expressed in the article belongs exclusively to the author.

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