When you dream, you forget everything bad

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E atât de frumos să visezi. Atunci chiar te simți nemuritor

DreamingÎncep să cred că cele mai frumoase și magice momente sunt cele în care visăm. Fie că visăm cu ochii deschiși, fie că dormim… E atât de frumos să visezi. Atunci chiar te simți nemuritor, puternic, de neînvins. Când visezi, uiți tot ce e rău.

Ești pur și simplu personajul principal al realității tale și un observator al propriei imaginații, care de multe ori înflorește pe cele mai bizare căi. În vise tu ești cel care controlează tot ce se întâmplă, chiar dacă ai un coșmar în care ești speriat, trist, sau îndurerat… La un moment dat visul se schimbă.. Și tu nu rămâi afectat. 

Visele sunt fericire. Un om fără vise nu poate dormi…

Cea mai bună parte a viselor e că în ele poți avea persoane care în realitate se poartă indiferent. Atunci te poți bucura ca măcar în imaginație sa fie complet vii. Visele ne creează speranțe și dorințe (uneori imposibile, alteori accesibile). Nu există vise prea mari pentru nimeni.

Nivelul de dorințe al viselor reprezintă nivelul de care avem nevoie în viața noastră. De multe ori visele sunt fictive, pline de tot felul de creaturi și de oameni. Visele depășesc cu mult cotele vieții normale și ne prezintă orizonturi inimaginabil de ciudate, care ne fac Fericiți.

Visele sunt fericire. Un om fără vise nu poate dormi… E bine să speri că visele tale se vor împlini. Viitorul e o iluzie, nu știi niciodată ce surprize poți avea.


It’s so nice to dream. You really feel immortal



I’m beginning to think that the most beautiful and magical moments are when we dream. Whether daydream or sleep… It’s so nice to dream. You really feel immortal, powerful, invincible. When you dream, you forget everything bad.

You are the main character of your reality and an observer of your own imagination, which often flourishes in the most bizarre ways. In dreams, you are the one who controls everything that happens, even if you have a nightmare in which you’re scared, sad, or grieving… At one point the dream changes… And so, your mood.

Dreams are happiness. A man can’t sleep  without dreams…

The best part is that in your dreams you can have people that actually behave indifferently. So, in your dreams, they are alive and interact with you. Dreams create our hopes and desires (sometimes impossible, sometimes available). There are no dreams too big for anyone.

Wish dreams level is the level that we need in our lives. Often dreams are fictitious, filled with all kinds of creatures and people. Dreams are beyond of a normal life and they show us unimaginably strange horizons that make us happy.

Dreams are happiness. A man can’t sleep (live) without dreams… It’s better to hope that your dreams will be fulfilled. The future is an illusion, you never know what surprises you can have.

71 thoughts on “When you dream, you forget everything bad

  1. Do you know in the northern part of our country,we have tradition of keeping a glass filled with water besides the pillow to avoid bad dreams.

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  2. Again, so true. You are such a wise person I can see that in your articles, I always find something original/special and I really like that! I personally admire that you are writing it all in two languages! thumbs up 🙂

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  3. Very moving – you caused me to remember the dream I had where my father called me on the phone from the next life. I didn’t tell him I missed him. We just talked about happy things. To hear his voice again was all I needed. It was sad but healing. Dreams are beautiful 🙂

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  4. Cannot be said better, we should always dream and never forget to do it! Dreams make us different people, dreams make us happy! I cannot agree more, dear Mon! I consider myself a big dreamer and a hopeless one!

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  5. Bonjour MOPANA

    C’est bientôt le premier mai
    Et j’ai cherché , cherché
    Les brins de muguet

    Dans les bois d’ALSACE

    Sur les talus ,sous les branchages et je l’ai trouvé

    Je viens t’offrir en avance ce petit bouquet de muguet

    Je l’ai sentie il a une belle odeur parfumé

    Regarde ces belles petites clochettes blanches

    Chaque clochette sonne mon amitié

    Pour toi ce petit porte bonheur

    Passe une belle semaine et un bon 1 mai avec du bonheur

    BISE Bernard

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  6. Yes we all need to dream. A world without dreams would be a hopeless place. I expect you have many dreams. I hope you will reach for the stars! You have great talent so I am confident you will continue to transform the world one person at a time. You look beautiful in your photo. Blessings on your week.

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  7. Sometimes when I dream, and I’m conscious of it, I can change the direction of the dream if I don’t like how it’s going. Have you had that happen? Oftentimes the dream ends up actually signifying something that I am currently going through in my life. Like a message.
    Hope you’re having a lovely week Monica.
    🙂 ❤

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  8. Hey dreaming Beauty! Good morning.
    Dreaming with open eyes is living our life the way want it to be…It’s the better version. 🙂

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