Singurătatea nu e fericire! – Loneliness is not happiness!



Pufi People go crazy when they are alone… That’s a fact. People are made to socialize and communicate. But when you feel lonely… you’re sad into your house.. What could be better than a dog? Having a pet is divine. Just think about it.. You get home late at night and you know you’re alone.. But, right after you step into your house someone make you happy!

I have a small and adorable dog. It’s the joy of my soul. My girlie do not let me be sad.. She’s coming to me and barks, growls me and if I am still sad… she is sad, too… I hate to see my puppy sad.. It breaks my heart… So I forget bad things just for her!

Pufi I sit and think… How would my life be without her? Who would enjoy so much when it sees me? Who would bark me if I do not go out with her? Who would understand me? Who would love me in this unique way? NOBODY! I love my girlie so much! I really recommend a pet to all of you!


Pufi Singurătatea îl înnebunește pe om… Asta e un lucru cert. Oamenii sunt făcuți să socializeze și să comunice. Dar când te simți singur… Ești trist în casă.. Ce poate fi mai bun decât un CÂINE! Să ai un animăluț de companie e divin. Doar gândiți-vă.. Să ajungi seara târziu acasă, să știi că ești singur.. Și cum intri pe ușă să se bucure cineva la tine!

Eu am un cățel, mic și adorabil. E bucuria sufletului meu. Fata mea nu mă lasă să fiu tristă.. Vine la mine și mă latră, mă mârâie și dacă eu continui să fiu tristă… se întristează și ea…. Nu-mi place să-mi vad cățelul trist.. Mi se rupe inima când o văd cu boticul pe labe și coada între picioare… Așa că-mi revin pentru ea!

Pufi Stau acum și mă gândesc… Cum ar fii viața mea fără ea? Cine s-ar mai bucura atât de mult când mă vede? Cine m-ar mai lătra dacă nu o duc afară? Cine, mamă? Pe cine aș mai dresa eu? Cine m-ar înțelege? Cine m-ar iubi în acest unic fel? NIMENI! O iubesc mult pe fata mea! Eu chiar le recomand tuturor un animal de companie!

32 thoughts on “Singurătatea nu e fericire! – Loneliness is not happiness!

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  4. I agree with you! Dogs are the best thing to ever happen to humans! We recently got our first fur baby a few months ago and we instantly fell in love with her. She’s a four month old German Shepard we named Lexi! 😉 And you dog is adorable!!

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  5. Oh Monica, she’s absolutely gorgeous. I can’t imagine my life now without a dog. They bring so much joy and unconditional love into our lives. And what great stress relief! Just patting Harry makes me feel instantly calm and relaxed. Lovely post. 🙂


  6. Pets are wonderful companions. As I type this our cat is trying to make sure that I am not lonely or bored. He bumps me with his head and rubs up against me hoping I’ll pat him or let him sit on my lap…perhaps after I finish typing to you. Cheers =)….Okay time for Clyde


  7. She is adroable! I can understand you very well! At once, I had a pet, a cat, but she fell down from a multistory bilding and broke her legs, she died and someting died in me! I just don’t dare now to have a new one…however, I do adore pets and know that they are our best life joys!

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