When butterflies die

When butterflies die

Angels are crying

Nothing compares

With them when they flying


Source: blackwatervalleycountryside.wordpress.com

When a butterfly dies

He goes to the skies

His wings stop to beat

There is no repeat.

There is nothing to say

To fate we obey

And when the time comes

Like butterflies…

We fly to the skies.

After a little sad poem, I invite you to feel “The silence of the mountains” 🙂


Source: thrivewildlifeconservation.files.wordpress.com

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50 thoughts on “When butterflies die

  1. I really like your poems ❤ It’s not easy to write poems even in our mother tongues and you write them in English, which is a great achievement indeed!

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    • I can’t say I write poems… It’s all about inspiration because I am not a poet. I confess to you that it’s hard to me to write them in Romanian. I know it sounds crazy, but is the truth :))


  2. I would like to fly as a butterfly! Your inner perception of this world is so wonderful, Mon! I bet you should become a poet, or better to say, you are already!

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    • Eu nu prea scriu poezii… Dar versurile astea mi-au venit in cap cand urmaream un fluture sa-i fac poza. Poza nu i-am facut, dar am ramas cu poezia. Si ma bucur tare ca-ti place 🙂

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