Silent Fluidity





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Silent FluidityThere is something about the grace and serenity of water; it seems lazy and peaceful in one moment and then in the next, it shows great strength and power. Water is perseverance, patient, and adaptable; just think of the Colorado River creating the Grand Canyon. And most important of all, water is fluid… ever changing as the universe. Look up ‘fluid’ in any thesaurus and this is what you’ll find: unsolidified, watery, liquid, runny, liquefied, melted, molten, effortless, flowing, smooth, graceful, elegant, sinuous, adaptable, flexible, changeable, unstable, fluctuating, unpredictable, adjustable, shifting, indefinite. Water is everything to life and it is also timeless as we learn from the ferryman.

The River

I am only a ferryman and it is my task to take people across this river. I have taken… Continue reading here: Silent Fluidity

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