Niciodată împreună – Never together


beautiful lies

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Eu am rămas în umbră, visând la lumină. Am țintit stelele și am ratat. Tu, tu mi-ai rămas în inimă mult mai mult timp decât mi-ai stat în brațe. Am fost mereu acolo și tu și eu, dar niciodată împreună.

beautiful lies

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Am visat, am sperat, te-am așteptat. Dar nimic! De fiecare dată m-am mulțumit cu ce-mi ofereai. Am primit indiferența. Era mult mai puțin decât aveam nevoie. Am acceptat să primesc mai puțin decât meritam. Credeam că așa e normal. De curând am aflat că nu există jumătăți de măsură când vine vorba de sentimente. Ele ori sunt, ori nu sunt.

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Cu timpul am învățat să nu mai accept minciuni frumoase amabalate în promisiuni și am învățat să-mi doresc mai mult și să cer cât am nevoie. Acum știu că nu există dorințe prea mari, am devenit conștientă că ceea ce vreau se încadrează în limitele pe care le pot primi.





mopana beautiful lies

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I stayed in the shadows, dreaming of light. I aimed the stars and I missed out. You, you have remained in my heart, much longer than you sat in my arms. We were always there, you and I, but never together.

mopana beautiful lies

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I dreamed, I hoped, I waited for you. But nothing! Every time I was satisfied with what you’ve offered me. I received the indifference. It was much less than I needed. I accepted to receive less than I deserved. I thought this is normal. I have recently learned that there are no half measures when it comes to feelings. They are or not.


In time I learned to do not accept beautiful lies packed in promises and I learned to want more and to ask for how I need. Now I know that there are not too much desires. I became aware that what I want is within the limits that I can get. 

11 thoughts on “Niciodată împreună – Never together

      • This is perhaps a good place to say I love your father’s poetry too, particularly in Romanian. Yesterday, World Book Day, in our local writers’ club (founded and run by a young Romanian woman!) we were asked to post on the club’s closed FB page the books/authors who had most influenced us. As far as Romanian poets are concerned, I said that although I enjoy the musicality of your most renowned poet, Eminescu of course, for me Blaga and Labiș were more influential. By the way, most influential for me, both read at 17 years old, were Steinbeck (The grapes of wrath) and Emily Brontë.

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        • Wow! I will convey your comment to my dad. He will be very happy. As you said, Romanian has a beautiful musicality, but I can’t translate it in English 😦
          I love Eminescu 😀


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