You want to be famous? Are you sure?

You want to be famous? I’m asking you again. You want to be famous? You want people to recognize you on the street. You want to be followed everywhere by paparazzo?

want-to-be-famousYou want to have a lot of money? You want to be rich? You want to be on television? You want your life to be exposed and thousand of people find out all you do, all you eat, all you want… all your secrets?

Think well! I know, it’s nice to have everything, fame, money, influence… But you must know! You will be hunted, not the hunter. You will be a gazelle and thousands of predators will be watching you.

want-to-be-famous-02Watch the eyes from photos bellow just for some minutes! Are you prepared to be under the magnifier every moment of your life? To wait every moment with fear the predator attack?

So, think!

Someone watching you right now…




123 thoughts on “You want to be famous? Are you sure?

  1. I have never wanted to be famous. And most people think I’m nuts. But I think being famous is like having leprosy. Everyone stares and points but no one is really part of your life. You become isolated. I want money. No fame.

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  2. These days we’re all being watched, in one form or another. You know the saying “big brother is watching”. But on another level, no I have never, ever wanted to be famous. Which is just as well, as I never ever will be! 🙂 I just want to be happy and healthy and surrounded by love and peace. Great write Monica.

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  3. A very insightful post. It’s not fame or wealth that can make us happy but an ability to enjoy simple little things in everyday life ❤

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  4. Many people today aspire to be famous, but not me. It is probably fun for a day or a week and then a curse. I’d rather be able to go where I want and do as I please without being followed or harassed. It is better to be able to blend in. Your post reminds me of the song The Monster with Eminem and Rhianna.

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  5. Thoughtful, I have never thought about it, I guess I just want to deal with things i like most, enjoy it and earn enough for living That’s all!

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  6. We are fools and will remain as fools

    We are not concerned with this world,
    We are fools and will remain as fools,
    Our only job is to incite internal strife,
    For that, we always search new tools.


  7. Fantastic post! I often wonder who they can deal with all the attention. The constant being watch, every tiny little move. The constant criticism, the nagging, the jealousy. No, I don’t want to be famous. I like my life the way it is.

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  9. What a coincidence: I’ve been thinking a lot about this topic today (I have no idea why). I think that sometimes people believe that if they become famous all their problems will go away. Everyone will love them, they’ll have lots of money, and they’ll be happy. But as you pointed out that’s not necessarily true. The only thing popular culture likes more than celebrities is to watch celebrities fall apart. Every minor infraction famous people commit gets blown up by the popular press.

    Concerning the money point, material wealth does NOT always equate to happiness. For those who struggle to acquire their basic needs (food, shelter, safety, etc.), earning more money does lead to greater happiness. But once those needs are taken care of the pattern levels out: increases in wealth do not bring significant increases in happiness. So there’s no point in accumulating the excessive financial wealth that many celebrities are believed to have.

    Lastly, becoming famous won’t make anyone’s problems go away (except for ones relating to basic needs). In fact it often makes things worse, as witnessed by the many people who have been destroyed by fame. Any little flaw someone possesses WILL be discovered and gossiped about. And like you said, being famous means you’ll always be under surveillance. I for one don’t think I’d enjoy that.

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  10. My goodness those blinking eyes with penetrating gazes made me scroll them out in few seconds.
    It seems you were really angry and wanted to rebuke everyone who wanted to be famous! 😛

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  11. This is a wonderful post! I thought those eyes were pretty, but those eyes freaked me out as I scrolled down 😂

    The only eyes I want gazing at me are those of a few loving people close to me! Not a gazillion whackos 😂😂😂😜


  12. I’m inspired. Brilliant post!
    With fame comes a lot of trouble and anxiety. Fame doesn’t equal to success. Fame magnifies both success and failures! Constantly pretending to be happy and put together..too much work. Nah

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