by Maik Herrmann



You’re there when I need you

You know how to make me laugh

It’s great to have you around

Or just to know you’re there

You’re a rock I can cling to

You make me feel at home

You’re my little goddess

I do know what I found

You’re what all doctors order

You never bring me down

I’m so proud to have you

You’re the one I can’t do without


      Maik Herrmann, critically acclaimed lyricist/songwriter & author of the “AUSTIN ROARERS – Vol. 1-3” songbooks. He is an award-winning songwriter from the former German Democratic Republic. He loves to participate in trampoline jumping and in-line skate marathons.

The copyrights on the article belong to the author. The responsibility for the opinions expressed in the article belongs exclusively to the author.

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