Fine as wine !!!


jyoteeGuest Post

by Jyotee

from jyoteeblog

Me wouldst loveth to be yours

unless thou art mine

thou art mine own addiction

thou art mine own wine

I did drink thee sipeth by sipeth

with mine own lips

and did stir thee

with mine own fing’r tips

thee ranneth ‘long

mine own blood and veins

mine own heart wast a des’rts

and heavily t rains

I becameth intoxicat’d

with thy wine

and Goeth life of mine

Fine as wine !!!

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By the same Author: A Dreamer


by Monica


    An Isolated girl… Lost in her own world… Trying to explore herself… In the curls of the life… With a desire to make her way… And find some grand and gay! Namaste! Read more here!

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