You and Me, Me and You


Jonathan NobleGuest Post

by Jonathan Noble


Can you see me amidst the hustle and bustle of the world?

Can you hear me over the all clamorous cacophony of life?

Can you sense me above sight and taste, depth and height?

Can you feel me beyond real touch, as much as I love you?

As for me you seem to be ever with me, though I cannot see;

As for me you are my soul, veritable bowl of living blessing;

As for me you are my all in all, before whom I gladly fall;

As for me you are my apogee, my very own life-giving tree!

Look around!

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by Monica


      Jonathan David Noble is an essayist, poet, cultural critic and social service volunteer, who currently resides in Dothan, Alabama. Jonathan Noble holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in history, with a double-minor in English and Latin from Troy State University (Troy, Alabama), and a Master of Arts degree in Christian studies from Wesley Seminary (Jackson, Mississippi.) Read more here.

The copyrights on the article belong to the author. The responsibility for the opinions expressed in the article belongs exclusively to the author.

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