The Weight

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by Ryan Stone



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One drunken night, he lay on the coach road

and she lay beside him. He pictured a truck

descending–wobbling around corners,

gaining momentum. They spoke about crushes,


by Monica

first kisses. He told her of an older woman

who’d stolen a thing he couldn’t replace.

He tried to describe the weight of lost things.

She listened until he stopped,

until I stopped

hiding behind he. I felt small,

watching the cosmos churn

while I lay on the coach road

one summer night,

speaking of big things

and nothing.

first published at Algebra of Owls, November 2016

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     My name is Ryan Stone, I’m a freelance writer from Melbourne, Australia. I have no formal credentials, just an observer’s eye and an insatiable appetite for books. I’m rough around the edges but the right turn of phrase will stop me dead in my tracks every time.

The copyrights on the article belong to the author. The responsibility for the opinions expressed in the article belongs exclusively to the author.

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