A Very Emotional Experience


Guest Post

by Maria Jansson

mopana-horses-vc4    The first time I saw a wild horse was a very emotional experience. When a ”horse friend” from Sweden came to visit me last week, I took her on a road trip to wild horse country, Nevada. Nevada is the home to more than 50% of the wild horses on the north American continent.

     I love going to the desert range, and explore mountain backroads, out to where I sometimes get lucky and actually see wild horses. I had a few places that I wanted to take my friend to, our time was somewhat limited, and I made sure to stick a few safe cards into my hat as well.

mopana-horses-vc3     Virginia City was one of my safe cards. You always get to see some horses there. This time we were very lucky and saw several different bands (groups of horses) roaming around ruins of old mines, and even on some back roads. It was a treat to see the horses in good health, and my friends face as she experienced her first wild horses.

     Experiencing the horses with my friend was extraordinary. I am sure that she will remember this for the rest of her life – THE WILD WEST. If you want a more in depth experience yourself, feel free to visit my gallery Maria-Jansson.Pixels.Com.




Look around!

By the same Author: Relax


by Monica


      I’m a true gypsy soul, hoping to one day find a place that I would like to call home for a longer time (not sure if forever exists.)

My grandmother gave me my first camera when I was 5 years old. Her gift, and adventurous spirit greatly influenced the choices I’ve made in life. I’ve been taking pictures almost every day since she gave me that old Hasselblad camera. You can find a collection of my best photos, available as art prints, in my gallery.

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