Leaving Now


Guest Post

by Amanda Eifert


This isn’t real, I cannot feel,

Your lies are fine, don’t make it real.

Your words remind me, what you did,

Your words hurt me within.

Keep your lies, no promises,

There’s no more compromises.

You don’t say it out-loud, your lips sealed,

Numb inside, I’ll never fully heal.



The music starts, covers silence,

I don’t want to hear your weak defense.

Broken promises shatter,

The shards so sharp scatter.

Didn’t mean the words you said,

I called you out and you fled.

Pretending you don’t hear me hence,

I’m leaving, no reprehending.


Look around!

By the same Author: Free Verse – “A Congested Mind”


by Monica


      Amanda is a writer, blogger, and sometimes student from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. She began blogging four-years ago to improve her writing skills and share her thoughts on several topics including, her experience with mental illness.
She has applied for an online MFA in creative writing at UBC. Only twenty-five percent of students make it in this online program and Amanda is hoping to be one of these students in September 2017.

The copyrights on the article belong to the author. The responsibility for the opinions expressed in the article belongs exclusively to the author.


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