Lights… Camera… Action!





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8 thoughts on “Lights… Camera… Action!

  1. Monica Pana’s “HAIKU – Love, Guns & Roses” is a true delight! First of all, it comes along in a most refreshing, daringly young and colorful and boldly happy design & layout. In a way just like the young poetess herself. It is a very personal book of poetry, deep insights, meaningful phrasing, thoughts & experiences, reflections of love, life & innocence. This is not your average book that you just read through, or poetry that is so above one’s head that it just won’t let you in. Monica Pana’s Haiku & heartfelt poetry are meant for everyone! To share and spread joy. To inspire. To ponder. To get in touch with your inner self and desires. To share a common tear. A warming smile. Understanding. It makes you feel that you’re absolutely not alone with your special set of feelings in a superficial world like ours …

    This beautiful collection is a work of art and the perfect companion in every-day-life. Whenever there’s a dull moment or time to take a break, one can open Monica Pana’s book at a random page and will instantly find a powerful haiku to still the inner thunder and produce a much needed smile & true inspiration and words of ruthlessly human wisdom in between! Moreover, each haiku is accompanied by additionally inspiring photographs or awesome drawings, dramatic and uplifting at the same time. Awesomely depicting the many facets of a heart in love, a young life trying to find a place in the world and cope with things…

    “Love, Guns & Roses” is also the ultimately perfect gift book. A little something to bring along, where everyone will find a message, a smile, a tear of joy, a fortune cookie, something special. I will carry it along and take it with me everywhere I go. And I highly recommend you try and do the same 😊


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