Do you believe in magic?


Guest Post

by Maria Jansson

Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.

Roald Dahl (1916-1990)

Do You Believe in Magic?

I do.

I believe it’s everywhere. If we choose to see it.

     Today is my birthday and I am about to go out and find some magic in the hills! Wild horses that is. I never get tired of looking at wild horses. It gets my adrenaline pumping every time. Even the most serene, quiet poses of wild horses grazing gets me really excited. I’m trying to share the experience with you through my photos, because it really means something to me.

      I’m going to spend my birthday weekend photographing them.


Capture by Maria Jansson



Look around!

By the same Author: NEVADA ADVENTURES


by Monica


      I’m a true gypsy soul, hoping to one day find a place that I would like to call home for a longer time (not sure if forever exists.)

My grandmother gave me my first camera when I was 5 years old. Her gift, and adventurous spirit greatly influenced the choices I’ve made in life. I’ve been taking pictures almost every day since she gave me that old Hasselblad camera. You can find a collection of my best photos, available as art prints, in my gallery.

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