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by Kristina Gallo



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     You met someone and your heart tells you this is your soulmate. Hurry up to mark your territory, until hot sparks are in the air.

    That is what some couples do. Few fast steps and their partner are already as a dog, with a necklace, and everybody knows who is the owner.

     Samuel fell in love in Nicole at first sight. She chose him between many guys and he was proud that he captured her heart. Soon, he introduces her to his family and they accepted her very well. Nicole was kind of lady, well mannered, elegant, educated and pretty. Who would not like her? Soon she was a regular guest on all family dinners, every gathering and birthday were an opportunity for Samuel to promote Nicole as a girlfriend. Nicole wanted to go to a concert of Pearl Jam, but, gosh, it was the anniversary of Samuel’s parents that Saturday so they skipped it.

     They were just two months in relation, but everyone knew them as a couple. Common photos at Samuel’s Facebook page were pop out every day. Nicole is having a bath. Nicole eats sandwich. Nicole got the period so she is so grumpy. Nicole did not put makeup, what a surprise today. Soon, friends of Samuel were confused, is that really his page? Of course, Nicole got password too. Samuel lost his identity in this relation, even Nicole did not ask for it.

     One day all changed. Nicole announced that she got a job in another city. It was a great business opportunity for her and she said she will move to find flat there. Samuel had obligations on his work and he could not accept her terms to move together with her. He wanted to wait. But Nicole was stubborn and she made distance with him. They were still in relation, but she was with him just once at week. Samuel’s family asked where is Nicole, they gave advice to him, even his brother call her to give his opinion about this relation. They all interfere with them. Finally, she lost nerves and left him.

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By the same Author: Hundred shades of woman

 Why to rush in serious relation if you are not sure or you are not ready?


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     What starts so suddenly it will finish fast. Nicole and Samuel were couples as from cover magazine, so popular and perfect, but they were irritating. They raised dust and when circumstances changed, all gone in few seconds.

     It is nice to declare your love because you wish that everyone confirm and know about your happiness. But, if you don’t know the person very well, why to rush? You can involve your friends and family in something misty and they will also pay price for you. Who is that girl? Who is that gorgeous young man? What you know about them? Our ego will feed with their appearance because other people will be envious. Sometimes that is a matter of our vanity. Let’s expose our better half because she is gorgeous. Finally, I have something to talk about. Samuel had average look and a bad job, but Nicole was a star. She was his ticket to showtime. He found a horse for a race and his friends could finally shut up and stop to think about him as a loser.

     That love was on the stage, something that makes others talk about. Also, it did not end well, because she did not have enough space for her freedom. If you rush to catch your soulmate, to hold her too tight, it will break in pieces.

     If you love someone let it go. If that person returns to you, that love is real. If not, it was just a relation in your fantasy.


by Monica

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      I am writing short stories about human psychology. My view is ironic and objective, and examples are from real life. During life, i was always suffering in relations caused by my wrong choices. I want to forward what i learned.

The copyrights on the article belong to the author. The responsibility for the opinions expressed in the article belongs exclusively to the author.

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