The Arabian Mare


Guest Post

by Maria Jansson

      Presence, I felt a strong presence. A presence that did not resemble the bay horse in the photo. I was visiting a ranch, that had two horses in need of new homes. Before arriving I’ve only seen a grainy photo, with two horses grazing in the background. The sorrel horse, closest to the camera seemed to have a calm, sweet disposition. Other than that, it wasn’t much that you could tell from the photo really. There was a little bay mare, furthest away from he camera.

     She had her head covered in grass, not even bother to look upon the photo I’ve seen. In real life, she was an explosion of energy. I couldn’t take my eyes of her. She had that something, but at the same time this was more energy than I’ve ever dealt with, wild horses included. I’ve met Arabians before. I’ve liked them, and I had a strong bond with a half Arabian mare a few years back.

     The bay mare, was nothing like them. Her eyes were young, and old at the same time. They were very intense as they were judging me, to see if I was to be trusted, or not. They were soft, and harsh at the same time. I immediately understood that this horse could teach me a lot, and be very special, but also a rollercoaster ride I’ve never experienced. That first day I watched her and her friend play on the pasture.

     They both came up to us, me and their owner, several times, but always very briefly. This horse had me mesmerized. The logic part of my brain said NO, this is not the kind of horse you are looking for right now. The rest of me screamed YES, this is what I want! I usually listen to my higher self when she speaks to me. In this case, since a horse is a huge commitment, I felt that I needed some time to think this through. I asked if I could visit her again. Her owner wanted her horse in good hands, with someone who would love, and work with her. Therefor she allowed me to visit her again.


     The next day I was back at the ranch. I entered the pasture that she shared with two other mares. It was a huge pasture. (Maybe 100 acres?) The mare spotted me after 30 seconds. She left the others and galloped towards me at full speed. I mean at FULL speed, like only an Arabian can. That feeling was enhanced as she quickly approached me.

     Even though I couldn’t see her facial expression, things were going way to fast, she responded to the warm feelings of security I sent her. There was no fear involved. She reached me in a few seconds, she didn’t slow down until she was 5 feet from me, then she broke down to a dancing walk, and made a circle around me.

     I turned my shoulder towards her, as an invitation to walk up to me. She did, and slowly breathed warm air on my cheek. That was such an emotional experience, that I have no words to describe it. She stayed with me for about a minute. There was electricity in the air. A positive, curious energy, that seemed to have no end.

     My ex-husband and I had a private horse rescue for a few years. This was the first time that I really got to experience the uniqueness of the Arabian horse. We had horses from all kinds of backgrounds, some that were just old, and some that came from severe abuse, some who’s owners surrendered them. They taught me so much, on their way to recovery.

     These horses all have new, loving forever homes now. We feel very blessed to have been a part of the journey towards those homes. Definitely something I would do again, if opportunity arises. For now, I’m very thankful to capture magical moments of horses, and share them with others, like YOU. Horses are magical beings. Healers, that can help us find peace in a stressful world.

     They never have a hidden agenda, they just live in the moment. I think that is what I love the most about them. I recently started to print my photos on Maple wood, and I am very excited about the amazing result. To see some example and read another horses story click on the red link below.

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My grandmother gave me my first camera when I was 5 years old. Her gift, and adventurous spirit greatly influenced the choices I’ve made in life. I’ve been taking pictures almost every day since she gave me that old Hasselblad camera. You can find a collection of my best photos, available as art prints, in my gallery.

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