A Young Man


mopana-Manuel 200x200Guest Post

by Manuel Osornio

A young man, I was

When I kneeled down in front of the temple, head down, I paused.

Tears of blood I cried

For I was denied

The privilege of a smile

And pushed into exile.

I open my hands and looked up above

Father, why must I suffer? Why can’t I find love?”

Desperate for a response I fell to the floor

And I crawled, I, an empty corpse.


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The sky opened and a whisper from above come down

”Get up, my son, you are a warrior and warriors don’t kneel down,

Soon enough, you will know the meaning of all your suffering and why you needed to drown.”

I still cry tears of blood

But now I hold hope

Because the suffering will cleanse my soul

And soon enough, I will master self-control.

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mopana-Manuel 200x200


      My blog is about all the emotions we feel as we go through this never ending journey called life. Some poems are sad (most of them) cause my life has been full of sadness but what can I say. So drop by and hope you like my emotions, thank you for reading. Stay amazing.

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