What Wisdom Now?

What might I now speak from my heart?

Do I have any wisdom to impart?

Alas, I am neither old nor young . . .

When I was young, and life had just begun,

There were so many songs to be sung

And dreams to be dreamed as I drank

From the cream of youth-filled fantasy,

But I made many mistakes,

Bitten by the cunning snake,

Tricked into eating such fruit

To suit my own selfish ends,

And the venal cake I baked was poisoned,

And, lo, did I grow older . . . but wiser, too!

One fine line was drawn at the dawn of age

With the passing of childish ways

And days of selfish fun in the sun;

Adulthood brought responsibility

And needed authentic credibility,

So that I had to become a man of sensibility!

Year have passed, and I am no longer a child,

Yet my beard is not gray and I dare not say

That I am wise or disguise myself as a sage

Who has gained grand knowledge with age;

And yet as the pages of my life have turned,

Wisdom has burned her seal upon my soul,

And I have learned something good of living:


source: Google Image

Be humble but do not crumble before pride

Of others who would stride right over you;

Be patient but be confident and competent

In all you do and say, so no shoe imprints

Itself upon your back for lack of conviction;

Pray, but put hands and feet to your words

Without demanding God do what you knew

You could do before you even dared to ask!


By the same author: Love and Peace…


What might I now speak from my heart?

Do I have any wisdom to impart?

Perhaps it is merely what I have just said,

What has made a home in bed of my soul…

Guest Post by Jonathan Noble from noblethemes


Jonathan David Noble is an essayist, poet, cultural critic and social service volunteer, who currently resides in Dothan, Alabama. Jonathan Noble holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in history, with a double-minor in English and Latin from Troy State University (Troy, Alabama), and a Master of Arts degree in Christian studies from Wesley Seminary (Jackson, Mississippi.) Read more here.

The copyrights on the article belong to the author. The responsibility for the opinions expressed in the article belongs exclusively to the author.

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