Cruise Night

Kimball Farm in Lancaster, Massachusetts is the perfect place to get an ice cream cone. But go on Friday night during the summer and early fall; that’s when they have Cruise Night.

The parking lot is full of antique cars, hot rods and a few modern cars that are all tricked out. Here are some of my favorites…well, these and my vanilla peanut butter cup ice cream.

By the same author: Harvest Moon

Guest Post by Christopher O’Keefe

Chris 200x200


Photography is my artistic passion in life. There is nothing as enjoyable as finding the beauty that others might miss seeing in this world and sharing it with others.

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11 thoughts on “Cruise Night

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  3. We love cars and we love ice cream. Such a great combo. Mopana you said you sent me an email, didnt get it. My email is wilsonjerry059 . would still like to be a guest on here

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