Pe margine – On the Edge


by Monica


Nu voi spune niciodată că ceea ce desenez eu înseamnă artă.

Dar… pot spune că îmi place ceea ce desenez.

Cu toate defectele pe care le găsesc în fiecare desen în parte.

Aceasta este expoziția mea.


sunteți criticii.



We live on the edge

Entire life between two worlds

No limits, just dream 


I will never say that what I draw means artwork.

But… I can say that I like what I draw.

With all the defects that I see in each drawing.

This is my exhibition.


are the critics…


the creator.

We live on the edge

Entire life between two worlds

No limits, just dream 


108 thoughts on “Pe margine – On the Edge

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  3. If thats not art than I’m a vegetarian. Very clever, I know people. I’d really like your input on a few of my new short stories. Come to my blog at Gastradamus and let me know what you think

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  5. I like the symbolism I read into this drawing. For me, it’s very meaningful that the girl is standing in front of a keyhole-shaped passageway. It makes it seem as if she’s contemplating leaving the sheltered room she’s in an “unlocking” her potential in the bigger, more uncertain world on the other side.

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  6. Bonjour MOPANA en ce dimanche 11 décembre

    La froide saison
    c’est la douce chaleur du foyer,
    c’est la famille retrouvée
    et la bonne humeur.
    Puisse ce Noël à venir se prolonger
    durant toute l’année

    Belle nouvelle et heureuse année 2017

    Quelle te soit de santé et de bonheur

    Gros bisous et encore joyeux Noël et meilleur

    On se réchauffe en toute amitié

    A bientôt


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