There Must Be No Phones In Heaven


Guest Post

by Jennie Young

It’s 6 o’clock and the phone rings, just as it does each day at this time. That’s right, it’s you again.

Always at 6 o’clock. Always during dinnertime.


Drawing by Monica

You ask the same questions and I answer with the same answers, just like I did yesterday.

It’s always the same, over and over, everyday.


On January 11, 2008, you were called to Heaven.


Now it’s 6 o’clock and my phone is still. It does not ring. You do not call.

Dinnertime is still at 6 o’clock. This has not changed.

I still have all my answers ready. I’m just waiting for your call.

But. it’s not the same. There’s no call. I no longer get your call everyday.


On January 11, 2008, you went to Heaven.


It’s 6 o’clock mom, please call. I just need to hear your voice.

I don’t even care if it’s during my dinnertime.

I don’t care if you ask the same questions you asked me yesterday and the day before that. Just call.

It’s 6 o’clock. It’s not the same, mom. Please call.


There must be no phones in Heaven.

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