Your Story Became My Own

mopana-Manuel 200x200Guest Post

by Manuel Osornio

For many years I found myself in the wrong story

Thinking I was going to be able to achieve glory.

Like with many things, I was wrong

I did not belong.

Conformed to play the slave

Yet I thought I was brave.

Why was I so blind?

You were not one of a kind.


Source: Google Image

Don’t know how or when

But I was able to escape.

Now I see your story as it is, as it was

A broken vase.

look around!

By the same Author: Trying To Take It All Back

No longer do I conform myself by being part of somebody else story

Because I know I can make my own and this time I WILL REACH MY GLORY.

I might not be a good writer

But this is my story and my fight.

One of a kind

With a peace of mind.

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mopana-Manuel 200x200


      My blog is about all the emotions we feel as we go through this never ending journey called life. Some poems are sad (most of them) cause my life has been full of sadness but what can I say. So drop by and hope you like my emotions, thank you for reading. Stay amazing.

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